‘In Time With You’ Remake confirms leads

The Korean remake of Taiwanese drama “In Time with You” has finally confirmed both leads (or will finally confirm both leads once Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki) finally gives the ok on her side since her name has been attached to the drama for a while), Ha Ji Won will star opposite Lee Jin Wook (The Three Musketeers) who recently confirmed his participation. The drama will be retitled  “The Time I’ve Loved You, 7000 Days” and will air on SBS sometime in June after “Divorce Lawyer in Love” which stars Jo Yeo Jung (Haeundae Lovers) and Yeon Woo Jin (Marriage, Not Dating). 

The original drama revolved around two childhood friends and their path to love which is filled with various obstacles, most notably the fact that they were never single at the same time. The two then make a bet on her 30th birthday to see who will get married before they hit 35 first and in the process of fulfilling said bet they realise that the person they’ve been searching for all along was right next to them (the male lead however knew his feelings a while ago but has always failed in confessing to his friend either because one of them was dating someone else or he couldn’t bring it in himself to jeopardise their friendship, frankly it sounds like the poor guy just got really friend zoned and didn’t know the way out). The Korean remake will undergo a few tweaks (the age of the leads will be lifted a bit to being in their thirties instead of just entering them) but hopefully with Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook headlining the drama will do well in ratings.

The Time I’ve Loved You, 7000 Days will be directed by Joo Soo Won whom also directed “I Hear Your Voice” and “Pinocchio” both dramas which I really loved  and will be written by Min Hyo Jung who was the writer behind the highly popular drama “Full House“.

Source Tv Report.


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