High Society – Episode 2 Recap

We get a glimpse in to what Joon Ki could be like if he gave up his ambition to climb the social ladder this episode. Our second leads finally meet and boy am I excited to see their relationship develop because even though Chang Soo is also a chaebol his romance with Ji Yi seems so much lighter than Yoon Ha’s and Joon Ki which for some reason to me seems like it will be kind of heavy.

After Yoon Ha asks Joon Ki if he knows her he gives her a flat “hello” and then tells her that she should learn to control her emotions better before walking away. An unimpressed Yoon Ha makes a move to follow him but is held back by Ji Yi and Yoon Ha realises he’s the same guy that her friend has been going crazy about for a while. Ji Yi comments that Joon Ki has a nice personality because he grew up in a wealthy lifestyle where he didn’t lack in anything, Yoon Ha asks her if she really thinks being wealthy means that someone can’t lack in anything.

Joon Ki returns home to find his mum has cleaned his house and the two get in to the cutest argument ever and Mama Lee lights up when Joon Ki drops to banmal and calls her “omma” (ok his parents are officially adorable man). He tells her that if he calls her “omma” then his resolve will weaken and he’d have to give up what he wants and live like them. She asks him what’s so wrong with how they live “there are times when we have money and times when we don’t…I guess we never had any” she ends with a smile, the two share a fist-bump as he walks her to the elevator (omg I think I just swooned, that was adorable *replays*). The two girls meanwhile head to Ji Yi’s rooftop abode and Yoon Ha trips over her feet going up the stairs prompting Ji Yi to ask her why she falls so easily (now this part may be just me but because the drama is filled with innuendos I feel like Ji Yi is alluding to how quickly Yoon Ha will fall for Joon Ki later on). Sensing something is wrong with her friend Ji Yi asks her if she had an argument with her mother again, she muses that maybe Yoon Ha is part of a birth secret. We see that Yoon Ha herself wondered that once and had her DNA tested, the results came back positive and she breaks down in tears, whether they are of happiness or anguish is hard to tell.

The girls get to talking about Joon Ki and Yoon Ha mentions that once they start dating Ji Yi will be able to live comfortably, Ji Yi tells her that she’d rather make her own money rather than depend on a guy, “Cinderella isn’t realistic”. Confused Yoon Ha asks her what’s so wrong with leaning on a guy and depending on him when you’re in love and you’ll get to live comfortably at home whilst he makes the money (wait like you’re insane mother? Who is clearly in the worst marriage possible?). The next day Ji Yi stands outside the Food Market office with lunch in hand (with the way she keeps peering in, I think the food is for Joon Ki), Chang Soo comes up behind her and asks if she’s looking for someone flustered she answers “No. I mean, yes”, confused he asks her if she is or isn’t looking for someone and that’s when Joon Ki comes out. Judging from their reactions Chang Soo asks them if they know each other and Joon Ki introduces Ji Yi as one of the part-timers at the Food Market, Chang Soo stops Joon Ki from introducing who he really is and just tells Ji Yi he’s a lazy unemployed friend of Joon Ki’s.

Forgetting why she was standing in front of the staff only door she starts to walk away only to be called back by Chang Soo who says he thought she was waiting for someone, she walks back and hands the food off to Joon Ki because she thought he might not have had breakfast yet. Amused Chang Soo wonders aloud if she likes Joon Ki, “No I don’t like him” replies a nervous Ji Yi that prompts Joon Ki to wonder if that means she doesn’t like him, poor Ji Yi is at her wits end and Chang Soo tells her that she’s so indecisive. Ji Yi finally bites back at him to stop interfering and asks why he’s speaking in banmal to her before reverting back to her usual cheery and cute self. Back in Joon Ki’s office Chang Soo tells Joon Ki that Ji Yi was totally trying to suck up to him, which is why he didn’t let Joon Ki tell her who he really was because she probably would have tried to win him over as well. Joon Ki tells him that he thought only poor people had victim mentalities but it appears rich people also have them, Chang Soo tells him that it’s just elitism and proceeds to take a bite out of the sandwich Ji Yi got for Joon Ki.

Chang Soo sees Ji Yi again on the store floor and makes a point to go up to her and speak formally he mentions that her sandwich was delicious which causes Ji Yi to mutter under her breath about why on earth Joon Ki would give it to him to have. Chang Soo overhears a word that sounds like she’s calling him a “dog” and drops down to banmal again which she points out to him the two go back and forth trading barbs before Ji Yi tells him that if he’s trying to hit on her he should try another tactic since this one isn’t working. She tells him that seeing that Joon Ki is friends with the likes of him gives her hope for herself. Kyung Joon and Ye Won exchange some more barbs about shady company matters. Joon Ki finds out that Yoon Ha actually works at Food Market he watches her deal with some foreign customers, and realises that she’s also fluent in Chinese. Ji Yi sidles up way too much in to his personal bubble and brags to him that her friend can also speak fluent English.

Chang Soo, now sporting a bleeding lip after a meeting with Kyung Joon where the latter punched him because he disrespected Yoon Ha at their blind date, returns to Food Market sending Ji Yi a charming smile only to have her scoff at him and turn away. That’s when he spots Yoon Ha and the two go to a more private place leaving Joon Ki and Ji Yi with confused looks on how the two know each other, outside Chang Soo asks Yoon Ha if she’s there to spy on his company she replies that, that would mean the company warranted spying but the concept sucks and so does the profit. He points out his bloody lip to her and she tells him it’s all his own fault, she sets the record straight by telling him she’s working at Food Market because she needs a job and no where else would hire her if they knew she was a chaebol’s daughter. She tells him to pretend that they don’t know each other because he told her when they first met that he generally grants a woman’s request, he looks at her and takes a step closer before saying “ It depends on the woman. You want to be my woman? Then, I’ll grant your request” she tells him that she’ll just quit then before walking away. Miffed at Yoon Ha’s response to him, Chang Soo marches up to Ji Yi and Yoon Ha and promptly informs Ji Yi that he isn’t unemployed but is in fact the executive director of the Food Market they are standing in, Ji Yi digests the new information and responds with a bow out of respect which was not what Chang Soo wanted from her.

At the end of their shift Ji Yi asks Yoon Ha how she knows Chang Soo before grabbing on to the back of Yoon Ha’s top to check out what brand it is only to fin the label missing. She muses that Yoon Ha’s clothing always looks expensive even though she claims they’re cheap she asks her outright if she’s sponsored by Chang Soo, she then moves to swooning over Joon Ki and Yoon Ha wonders why she doesn’t just ask him out if she likes them that much, before she concludes that her friend is actually really shy beneath her bubbly personality. Yoon Ha crosses paths with Joon Ki as she’s leaving and asks him if he’s free during the weekend which prompts him to ask “Do you like me?” she tells him that it’s not her she’s asking for but Ji Yi. He surprises her by replying that he already knows before asking her what she would do if he started liking her instead, before walking off and answering her initial question telling her that he is in fact not free this weekend.

Yoon Ha meets up with Kyung Joon at one of the family villas to avoid prying eyes and they discuss what he did to Chang Soo with Yoon Ha asking her brother “Why are you so good to me?” before saying that he never used to care about her when they were younger. Kyung Joon sighs and tells her that it’s because he got older, that and because he went through a divorce, failed some business ventures and got stabbed in the back by people. Yoon Ha tells her oppa to stop being so good to her because she holds a jinx, everyone who loves her always end up leaving her, “I’m trying really hard not to love you” she tells him, he tells her that he can’t help it if he’s popular with the girls that prompt a smile from her (which I think was his intention anyways). Yoon Ha tells him that she knows he won’t be like their father when he comes in to power and that she’ll support him 100%, she tells him that she has a secret fund stashed away which she’s also used to buy some stocks in the company.

Joon Ki is out for a night ride and we get a flashback of the last time he was there racing with Chang Soo where the latter won the race they were having except now we see that Joon Ki pulled his brakes at the last minute letting Chang Soo win. Yoon Ha gets herself and Ji Yi in to some trouble when she tries to help her friend deal with a bitchy customer (who rudely tells Ji Yi she looks like a geisha and belongs in a bar) landing them both at the police station, meanwhile the investigation in to Taejin Company which Ye Won heads heats up. Joon Ki comes to the girls rescue telling them that the customer will drop her charges on one condition…the girls have to apologise to her. Yoon Ha tells him that she won’t do it and he asks her if she’s going to continue to cause trouble for him, she remains adamant that she won’t apologise to the customer, reaching his breaking point Joon Ki takes a step towards her and coldly tells her that she’s fired. She tells him that she won’t throw away her pride when she’s done nothing wrong whirling around Joon Ki asks her if she knows what real pride is, “It’s when you don’t get hurt by others. Your pride is just for show”.

Chairman Jang orders Kyung Joon to deal with Ye Won’s investigation for her, when he protests the Chairman reminds him that he’s still being tested which prompts Kyung Joon to ask his father is there is an actual end to the test. After apologising to the customer Ji Yi asks Joon Ki if he’ll reconsider firing Yoon Ha, he tells her that she shouldn’t worry about others and tells her that Yoon Ha is still fired no matter what she says. They arrive back at the store where Ji Yi walks past Chang Soo without acknowledging him, he claps a hand on Joon Ki’s shoulder before leaving to go after Ji Yi whilst Joon Ki brushes his hand over his shoulder like he’s getting rid of Chang Soo’s touch.

Ji Yi breaks down the minute Chang Soo calls out to her looking up at him with tears in her eyes she asks him if she thinks she looks like a gisaeng. Chang Soo blinks at her and next thing we know the two are seated at a pojangmacha where Ji Yi is already drunk she tells him that he’s doing a shoddy job of comforting her but that’s probably because he’s never been insulted and needed comforting himself, he tells her that he’s also human as well. Missing a filter between her brain and mouth, a drunk Ji Yi asks Chang Soo if he lied to her when they first met because he thought she would try and date him if she knew who he really was, he denies what she’s saying and tells her he did it so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Lol drunk Ji Yi is hilariously cute as she asks if she can touch him exclaiming that she’s never met a chaebol before and she’s going to tell her children when she’s older that she got to meet one. Confused Chang Soo asks her if this is her way of hitting on him she tells him “Even if I wanted to, I can’t, it’s unrealistic. You’re just a chaebol I see in dramas. I don’t want to shoot a drama and I don’t have time to shoot one. I’m too busy living my life” she pouts and walks away.

Yoon Ha gets in to a catfight with her childish sister So Hyun when she asks her why she hates her so much, So Hyun tells her that it’s because she gets ignored by their parents and can live her life however she wants (wait so you’re jealous of your sister because she is a non existent presence in your parents lives??). “Do you know what it’s like not to receive love from your own parents?” Yoon Ha asks her, but then tells her to forget it because someone with the mental capacity of a 7 year old like So Hyun wouldn’t understand. Her words about So Hyun’s mental capacity are shown when So Hyun sticks her tongue out at Yoon Ha after dragging her to the ground.

Chang Soo wakes up a sleeping Ji Yi when he slams on the breaks and when she fumbles trying to undo her seatbelt he asks her if she’s playing a trick to get him to touch her again. She looks at him and tells him that half a bottle of soju is her drinking capacity but she went over it tonight, before she promptly breaks in to tears and then she takes Chang Soo on a confused rollercoaster where she goes from crying to laughing and back again. He’s saved from having to deal with Ji Yi by Yoon Ha…who holds up a brick and demands to know what he did to her friend (ok maybe not so safe lol). Chang Soo ends up caught between the two girls when Ji Yi reaches over to grab Yoon Ha’s hand and apologise for what happened before. Chang Soo reaches his limit after his words go unheard by both girls and steps out of the car….only to have his shirt ripped off from him because Ji Yi was holding on to it (you know you’d think he’d be overjoyed to be caught in between two pretty girls, but I guess the effect isn’t the same when they’re teary lol). Ji Yi takes one look at his abs, before passing out, but not before she says, “daebak” at the view.


Joon Ki is a pretty hard character to read for me because like yes he wants to move up the ladder in the world but I don’t know it’s just a bit confusing to get a read on what kind of person he is, how much of what he shows to Chang Soo and Yoon Ha are real. The only scenes when he drops his cool façade are when he’s with his mother and those glimpses, to me, show who he really is but that’s precisely the reason why he doesn’t speak to her so much or speaks in banmal to her, because if he gets too comfortable being who he’s supposed to be he won’t have the resolve to be who he wants to be.

Like I said in my introduction I’m looking forward to Ji Yi and Chang Soo’s relationship developing, because amongst the four leads I feel like Ji Yi views the world in the most realistic way and she tries to fight off her attraction to Chang Soo the best she can (as we see in later episodes). Chang Soo meanwhile doesn’t seem as complicated as Joon Ki with all his masks, what you see of Chang Soo is what you get, he’s cheeky, a bit of an ass but also straightforward which is more than I can say for all of those other chaebol drama’s out there *cough* The Heirs and Boys Over Flowers *cough*.

Yoon Ha as we’ve seen in this episode and the previous one is idealistic, she stands up for what she believes is right but sadly that doesn’t really mean that she’s also realistic. I hate to agree with a character like So Hyun but if she’s so sick of the lifestyle that she leads why doesn’t she leave, she’s got the money saved up and even if she doesn’t have the target amount she wants, didn’t she tell Ji Yi herself “people like us” know the value of money? Whilst I do feel sorry for her family situation her character seems to flip flop between wanting to be a “normal” person and reverting to her chaebol daughter ways.

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