Dispatch Reports Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye are Dating

Media portal Dispatch reported earlier today that “Pinocchio” leads Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye have been dating for four months.The report details that the two started a relationship back in January following the end of the filming for their drama “Pinocchio” (wait hang on that makes no sense, I think the report means that they started courting in January then and if they’ve only been officially dating for four months that means it got serious in March). 
The report continues to say that Dispatch have spotted the pair together on multiple occasions in the last three months, the pair have reportedly been on dates in Korea and overseas, taking advantage of the overseas schedules that they have had together to spend quality time alone.

One of Dispatch’s sources who is someone close to the pair is quoted stating that, “Magazine photo shoots usually wrap up in two days. The rest of the time is free. The two make time for each other to meet up”. Media outlet Nate also released a report showing evidence that the two meet late at night to go on their dates, alternating between taking out Lee Jong Suk’s Porsche 911 and and his Mercedes-Benz CLS350, the dates would normally be about two to three hours but never went later than 1am.

However reps from both parties have released official statements denying the rumours stating that the two are just close friends. Although the rumours have been denied, there is no doubt that since starring in Pinocchio, Park Shin Hye has gotten more prettier, not to mention the chemistry during the drama was very much happening and the two seemed to click perfectly, they also look pretty amazing together if I might add.

Source Herald Corp, Nate


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