EXO’s Sehun and Chanyeol for Ceci Korea’s August ’15 Issue

 EXO’s tall line members, Sehun and Chanyeol feature on Ceci Magazine’s August Issue, the theme for the shoot was “Last Summer” and features the two boys in shorts and shirts lounging around in the sunshine reminiscent of a summer gone by, this is also their first solo shoot together.  

The pair also did an interview for Ceci where they discuss their friendship and future plans. On the topic of their friendship the two said that they connected really well because they joined the company around the same time and are both very sociable people who like to have fun, and even when they’re doing nothing it isn’t awkward for them. The interview then moves on to what the other members think of their friendship and Chanyeol answers that he hangs out with D.O and Kai as well and all the members are really close, to which Sehun says that Chanyeol kind of has a flavour of the month, like someone who has a harem. The interview closes with Chanyeol discussing what music and acting mean to him (acting is something that allows him to experience a different type of life and music is something that he can put his own experiences in to), and Sehun stating that he wants to try his hand at acting but he’s waiting for the right moment so he can make the biggest impact, but he wishes to focus on acting and doing photoshoots as that is something that he likes.

Check out photos of Tall Line down below.

Source Ceci


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