VIXX Subunit “LR” Releases Debut MV

 Kpop group VIXX who are known for their different and diverse concepts and choreography have introduced their first subunit consisting of lead vocalist Leo and lead rapper Ravi. The duo titled “LR” released their debut MV titled “Beautiful Liar” earlier today after conducting a live Starcast on new Naver app “V” that was MC’d by the four other members of VIXX (Hongbin, N, Hyuk and Ken).

The pair participated in writing and composing their mini album, Ravi wrote and composed “Remember” and his solo track “Ghost” whilst Leo wrote and composed his solo track “Words to Say” and both of them participated in writing the lyrics for “My Light” which judging by the title is dedicated to the VIXX Starlight fandom (this is also the only song that features the whole VIXX group), meanwhile the title track “Beautiful Liar” was both written and composed by Ravi. “Beautiful Liar” revolves around a man fighting his inner demon (in the case of the MV that demon would be Ravi) whilst struggling to let go of the woman that he loves.

Authors Notes
 I really enjoyed the MV and the entire concept, my favourite part would have to be hearing Ravi and Leo harmonise though, because I never thought that I would get to hear that, and their voices go really well together with Ravi’s deeper baritone and Leo’s clear notes. The meaning behind the song is also something that I love, about fighting with your inner demon so that you can let go of the person that you love, and I think that was something that was expressed really well in the MV with the contrast between Ravi’s often chaotic behaviour and Leo’s subdued demeanour and how Ravi was often pulling back/tempting Leo. It did take my second go of watching the MV to understand the meaning behind it though (mainly because I was like “omg my Ravi is SINGING” and “omg this song is so AMAZING” like most people are the first time they watch an MV lol) and I’ve seen a lot of different as well as similar theories regarding the meaning behind the MV, at the end of the day though the bare bones of the song is about a man and a woman and the struggle they go through whilst in a relationship (at least thats how I would put it simply).

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