Chen and Kim Bo Kyung Performs Stunning Duet at In the Heights Musical Practice

An open rehearsal for the upcoming musical In the Heights (starring Yang Dong Geun, SHINee’s Key, INFINITE’s Dongwoo and Sunggyu, EXO’s Chen, f(x) Luna, Kim Bo Kyung and more) took place today at Namsan Creative Center in Seoul, during which the cast showcased some major set pieces.

One of these feature Chen (in the role of Benny) and Kim Bo Kyung (in the role of Nina) delivering a stunning rendition of “Sunrise,” in which Benny ponders over what Kevin (his boss, as well as Nina’s father) will think of his new relationship with Nina, and Nina teaches him some Spanish phrases.

Full performance from Playdb:

During the interview, Chen mentioned that fellow EXO member Baekhyun helped him a lot and that the rest of the group also cheered him on.

In the Heights opens on September 4th at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.


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