Korean Male Idol / Vocal Groups and Rock Bands

What had originally begun as a simple list updated for fun in order to organize the insane numbers of 2nd Gen-and-onwards Korean boybands and other male vocal/rock groups turned into… this.

Disclaimer: This list dates back to 2008-2010, so inevitably some of the information/pictures/music will be outdated – suggestions and tips from fans are very welcome. Also, not every group is listed because it’s simply impossible! Some well-known male vocal groups and rock bands were also included in this list’s original version; we’ve left them in, despite the list morphing into something more idol group-oriented.

Listed in alphabetical order.

Debut: September 21, 2012
Management Company: TOP Media
Members: Seo Minwoo – Leader, Kim Rockhyun, Jo Jonghwan, Kim Chanyong, Oh Changbum, Jang Hyukjin, Lee Sanghun
Subunits : 100% V (Rockhyun, Jonghwan, Hyukjin, Chanyong)
Official Fanclub: Perfection
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Bad Boy MV, Want U Back MV, Beat MV, U Beauty MV


Debut: July 11, 2008
Management Company: JYP Entertainment
Members: Jo Kwon – Leader, Im Seulong, Jung Jinwoon, Lee Changmin
Official Fanclub: I AM
Official Colour: Pearl Black/Metallic Grey
Videos: This Song MV, Confession of a Friend MV, I Did Wrong MV, Days Like Today MV, Over the Destiny MV

Debut: September 4, 2008
Management Company: JYP Entertainment
Members: Jun.K (formerly Junsu), Nichkhun Horvejkul, Ok Taecyeon, Jang Wooyoung, Lee Junho, Hwang Chansung
Former member(s): Park Jaebum
Official Fanclub: HOTTEST
Official Colour: Metallic Grey
Videos: 10 Out of 10 MV, Again & Again MV, Heartbeat, Come Back When You Hear This Song MV, Go Crazy MV, My House MV


Debut: November 18, 2014
Management Company: Fantagio
Members: Seo Kang Joon – Leader, Gong Myung, Kang Tae Oh, Yoo Il, Lee Tae Hwan
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Hey U Come On MV, From My Heart MV

Previously known as: DSP Boyz
Debut: June 1, 2012
Management Company: DSP Media
Members: Kim Hyeongkon – Leader, Seo Jaehyung, Moon Hyojun, Maeng Yunyoung, Park Sungmin, Lee Seungyub, Ham Seungjin
Official Fanclub: A-Light
Official Colour: Blue
Videos: One 4 U MV, Hot Game MV, 2MYX MV, Insane MV


Previously known as: Double B 21
Debut: August 25, 2010 (Unit Sky) / October 24, 2010 (Whole group)
Management Company: Golden Goose Entertainment from Xing Ent
Members: Lapis5 subgroup (Kim Wan Chul, Min Jin Hong, Oh Se Hyun, Jung Young Wook, Choi Shi Hyuk), Jade5 subgroup (Choi Young Won, Kim Won Shik, Ha Gun Hee, Hwang Doo Hwan, Yoo Jae Duk (J.D)), Onyx5 subgroup (Ji Hyun Sung, Song Seung Hyuk, Hong Sung Ho, Kim Jin Woo, Yoon Joon Shik)
Former member(s): Kim Seung Hyung, Jung Man Soo, Lee Ha Neul, Im Ho Jun, Jung Eun Ho, Hwang Suk Hyun, Im Young Gyun, Kim Dae Gun, Heo Chang Woo, Yoo Dong Ho, Park Jae Won, Lee Tae Woo, Lee Sung Woo, Son Yoo Chang, Moon Byung Hoon, Kim Seung Hwan, Jung Ho Young, Lee Myung Eun, Kim Doo Hee
Official Fanclub: Hana-One
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: One MV, SOS MV, Lover Boy MV

Debut: April 23, 2011
Management Company: WM Entertainment
Members: Jinyoung – Leader, CNU (Shin Dongwoo), Sandeul (Lee Junghwan), Baro (Cha Sunwoo), Gongchan
Official Fanclub: BANA
Official Colour: Pastel Apple Lime Green
Videos: O.K MV, Beautiful Target MV, Baby Goodnight MV, Lonely MV, Solo Day MV, Sweet Girl MV

B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect)
Debut: January 27, 2012
Management Company: TS Entertainment
Members: Yongguk (Bang Yongguk) – Leader, Himchan (Kim Himchan), Daehyun (Jung Daehyun), Youngjae (Yoo Youngjae), Jongup (Moon Jongup), Zelo (Choi Junhong)
Official Fanclub: Baby
Official Colour: Spring Green
Videos: Warrior MV, Power MV, One Shot MV1004 (Angel) MV

Debut: October 16, 2009
Management Company: Cube Entertainment
Members: Yoon Doojoon – Leader, Lee Kikwang (previously soloist AJ), Yong Joonhyung (previously Poppin’ Dragon of Xing), Jang Hyunseung (previously SO-1), Yang Yoseob, Son Dongwoon
Official Fanclub: B2UTY
Official Colour: Dark Grey (previously Pearl Midnight Blue)
Videos: Bad Girl MV, Shock MV, Fiction MV, Good Luck MV, 12:30 MV, YeY MV 

Big Bang
Debut: August 19, 2006
Management Company: YG Entertainment
Members: G-Dragon (Kwon Jiyong) – Leader, Taeyang (Dong Youngbae), T.O.P (Choi Seunghyun), Daesung (Kang Daesung), Seungri (Lee Seunghyun)
Official Fanclub: V.I.P
Official Colour: Black/Yellow (Unofficial) Bandana & Light Stick
Pre MADE 2015 Videos: La-La-La MV, Lies MV, Haru Haru MV, Monster MV, Fantastic Baby MV,
MADE 2015 Videos: Loser MV, Bae Bae MV, We Like 2 Party MV, Bang Bang Bang MV, Sober MV, Let’s Not Fall In Love MV
Recommendations: For other well-known Big Bang tracks, try Blue, Sunset Glow, Number 1 and Last Farewell.

Big Star
Big Star
Debut: July 12, 2012
Management Company:Brave Entertainment
Members: Feeldog (Oh Gwangsuk)- Leader, Baram (Lee Youngjun), Raehwan (Kim Raehwan), Sunghak (Jung Sunghak), Jude (Kim Donghyun)
Official Fanclub: Only One
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Hot Boy MV, I Got a Feeling MV, Standing Alone MV, Forget U MV

Block B (Blockbuster)
Debut: April 13, 2011
Management Company: Stardom Entertainment (2011-2013), Seven Seasons (2013 – Present)
Members: Zico (Woo Jiho) – Leader, Taeil (Lee Taeil), B-Bomb (Lee Minhyuk), Jaehyo (Ahn Jaehyo), U-Kwon (Kim Yukwon), Kyung (Park Kyung), P.O (Pyo Ji Hoon),
Official Fanclub: BBC (Block B Club)
Official Colour: Black and Yellow
Videos: Freeze MV, NalinA MV, Very Good MV, H.E.R MV
Recommendations: If you’re a fan of Big Bang’s “Monster” and “Blue” then Block B’s “Be The Light”, which is a slower ballad type song, is something that you’ll enjoy.

Debut: May 26, 2011
Management Company: Starship Entertainment
Members: Kim Donghyun – Leader,  Shim Hyunseong, Lee Jeongmin, Jo Youngmin, Jo Kwangmin, No Minwoo
Official Fanclub: Best Friend
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Boyfriend MV, Janus MV, I Yah MV, Obsession MV, Witch MV, Bounce MV

BtoB (Born to Beat)
Debut: March 22, 2012
Management Company: Cube Entertainment
Members: Eunkwang – Leader, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunshik, Peniel (Shin Donggeun), Ilhoon, Sungjae
Official Fanclub: Melody
Official Colour: Sky Blue
Videos: Insane MV, WOW MV, Beep Beep MV, You’re So Fly MV, It’s Okay MV

BTS (Bangtan Boys)
Debut: June 13, 2013
Management Company: Big Hit Entertainment
Members: Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon) – Leader, Jin (Kim Seokjin), Suga (Min Yooji), J-Hope (Jung Hoseok), Jimin (Park Jimin), V (Kim Taehyung), Jung Kook (Jeon Jeongguk)
Official Fanclub: A.R.M.Y (Adorable Representative MC for Youth)
Official Colour: Black
Videos: No More Dream MV, N.O MV, Boy in Luv MV, Danger MV, War of Hormone MV, I Need U MV (this MV also comes with an original 19+ ver which can be found here), Dope MV

C-Clown (Crown Clown)
Debut: July 19, 2012
Management Company: Yedang Entertainment
Members: Rome (Yoo Barom) – Leader, Siwoo (Kim Taemin), Ray (Kim Hyunil), Kangjun (Kang Jun), T.K (Lee Minwoo), Maru (Lee Jaejoon)
Official Fanclub: Crown
Official Colour: Pearl Forest Green
Videos: Solo MV, Far Away…Young Love MV, Shaking Heart MV, Let’s Love MV


Debut: August 19, 2009 (Japan), January 14, 2010 (Korea)
Management Company: FNC Entertainment
Members: Jung Yong Hwa – Leader, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jung Shin
Former member(s): Kwon Kwang Jin
Official Fanclub: BOICE
Official Colour: Blue
Videos: I’m A Loner MV, Intuition MV, Still in Love MV, I’m Sorry MV, Can’t Stop MV
Recommendations: All of CNBLUE’s songs are worth a listen, particularly the many tracks composed by vocalist Jung Yong Hwa in their recent Korean and Japanese releases. Some personal favourites include Cold Love, In My Head, LaLaLa, Let Me Know and Y, Why.

Code-V (코드브이)

Previously known as: Bless (블레스)
Debut: June 4, 2010 (Originally debuted as Bless on November 23, 2007)
Management Company: Nia Entertainment (NIAECC)
Members: Sol, Woo Shik, Tae Hoon, Sang Woo (Hiatus), Na Law (Hiatus), Rui (Hiatus)
Former member(s):
Taemin, Jaewon
Official Fanclub: V-intage
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: December 32nd MV (Bless), Homme MV (Bless), Addiction MV, To Tell the Truth MV
Notes: Following their 2011 Korean releases, Code-V has been active solely in Japan.


Debut: June 7, 2012 
Management Company: Amuse Korea
Members: Terada Takuya – Leader, Lee Se Young, Casper (Chu Xiao Xiang), Shin Won Ho, Kim Sang Min, Kim Yong Seo
Former Member: J.G (Gao Jianing)
Official Fanclub: CROSS GENE ☆ PLANET 
Official Colour: N/A
Videos:La-Di Da-Di MV, Shooting Star MV, Amazing-Bad Lady- MV, I’m Not a Boy, Not Yet a Man MV, Play with Me MV


Debut: December 26, 2003
Management Company: SM Entertainment
Members: U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho) – Leader, Max Changmin (Shim Changmin)
Former member(s): Hero Jaejoong (Kim Jaejoong), Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun), Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu) (See: JYJ)
Official Fanclub: Cassiopeia [Korea], Bigeast [Japan], Global Cassiopeia [International]
Official Colour: Pearl Red
Videos: Hug MV, Rising Sun MV, “O”-Jung.Ban.Hap MV, MIROTIC MV, Something MV
Recommendations: DBSK has a vast number of great songs not limited to their featured MVs. For some of their ballads, try Bolero, Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?, One, Wasurenaide, Yeo Haeng Gi, Love in the Ice or Evergreen, and for more up-tempo tracks, try Wicked Woman (Are you A Good girl?), CRAZY LOVE, Hi Ya Ya or Wrong Number. For tracks released under the two-member DBSK, try Spellbound and Catch Me.

December (디셈버)

Debut: November 6, 2009
Management Company: CS Happy Entertainment
Members: Lee Yoon Hyuk, DK (Han Dae Kyu)
Official Fanclub: Der12
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Love is So… (IRIS OST) MV, I Love You More Than Anyone MV, Goodbye MV, Unfinished MV, Going Home MV

DGNA / The Boss

Also known as: Dae Guk Nam Ah
Debut: March 4, 2010
Management Company: Open World Entertainment
Members: Mika – Leader, Woo Hyunmin, Karam, Lee Injun, Jay
Official Fanclub: Master
Official Colour: Pearl Terracotta
Videos: Admiring Boy MV, Stumble Stumble MV, Why Goodbye MV, Rilla Go! MV


Previously known as: Dalmatian (달마시안)
Debut: July 10, 2010
Management Company: Monkey Funch & IS Entertainment
Members: Inati – Leader, Jeesu, Daniel (Drama), Donglim, Simon
Former member(s): Dari, Day Day
Official Fanclub: Dalmate
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Round 1 MV, E.R MV, Safety Zone MV


Debut: April 8, 2012
Management Company: SM Entertainment
Members: Suho (Kim Joonmyeon) – Leader, Xiumin (Kim Minseok), Lay (Zhang Yixing), Baekhyun (Byun Baekhyun), Chen (Kim Jongdae), Chanyeol (Park Chanyeol), D.O (Do Kyungsoo), Tao (Huang Zitao), Kai (Kim Jongin), Sehun (Oh Sehun)
Former Members: Wu Yifan (Kris), Lu Han (Luhan), Huang Zitao (Tao)
Subunits: EXO-K (Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai, Sehun), EXO-M (Xiumin, Lay, Chen, Tao)
Official Fanclub: EXO-L
Official Colour: Silver
Videos: MAMA MV (K, M), Growl MV (K, M), Miracles in December MV (K, M), Overdose MV (K, M), Call Me Baby MV (K,  M), Love Me Right MV (K,M)
Recommendations: EXO has a number of nice B-side tracks that are worth a listen. For ballads and slow tracks, try the K and M versions of Don’t Go, Baby Don’t Cry and My Answer, and if up-tempo songs are more your style, try Thunder, El Dorado, Exodus and Heart Attack.


Debut: January 8, 2010
Management Company: CAN&J’s Entertainment
Members: Jinon – Leader, Kan, Yejun, Daegun, Raehyun
Former member(s): LeeU
Official Fanclub: For U
Official Colour: Twinkle Light Silver
Videos: Jiggy MV, No One MV, Midnight Sun MV, CHA-GA-WA MV

F.T Island

Debut: June 7, 2007
Management Company: FNC Entertainment
Members: Choi Jong Hoon – Leader, Lee Hong Ki, Lee Jae Jin, Choi Min Hwan, Song Seung Hyun
Former member(s): Oh Won Bin
Official Fanclub: Primadonna
Official Colour: Yellow Pentasticks
Videos: Love Sick MV, I Hope MV, Severely MV, Madly MV, Pray MV
Recommendations: F.T Island has a number of great rock ballads, such as One Word, Thunder, Boy Meets Girl, Until You Return and Memory. For tracks with a pop sound, you might like to try Neoreul Saranghae (Love is…) and Primadonna.

Debut: January 16, 2014
Management Company: JYP Entertainment
Members: JB (Im Jaebum) – Leader, Mark Tuan, Jackson Wang, Jr. (Park Jin Young), Youngjae (Choi Youngjae), Bambam (Kunpimook Bhuwakul), Yugyeom (Kim Yugyeom)
Official Fanclub: I GOT7
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Girls, Girls, Girls MV, A MV, Stop Stop It MV, Just Right MV
Recommendations: “I Like You” from their debut EP Got It? would be my #1 recommendation followed by “Forever Young” from their second EP Got Love and “Moonlight” off their first full album Identify.

Debut: April 26, 2013
Management Company: LOEN Entertainment
Members: Song Kyungil, Na Dokyun, Kim Sihyoung, Kim Jaeho, Jang Yijeong
Official Fanclub: Storia
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Dreamer MV, What Am I To You MV, Tell Me Love MV, Psycho MV

Debut: September 15, 2015 (expected date)
Management Company: YG Entertainment
Members: B.I (Kim Hanbin) – Leader, Jinhwan (Kim Jinhwan), Yoonhyung (Song Yoonhyung), Bobby (Kim Jiwon), Donghyuk (Kim Donghyuk), Junhoe (Goo Junhoe), Chanwoo (Jung Chanwoo)
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A

Debut: June 6, 2010
Management Company: Woollim Entertainment
Members: Sunggyu (Kim Sunggyu) – Leader, Dongwoo (Jang Dongwoo), Woohyun (Nam Woohyun), Hoya (Lee Howon), Sungyeol (Lee Sungyeol), L (Kim Myungsoo), Sungjong (Lee Sungjong)
Subunits: Infinite H (Dongwoo and Hoya), Infinite F (Sungyeol, Sungjong, and L)
Official Fanclub: Inspirit
Official Colour: Pearl Metallic Gold
Videos: Come Back Again MV, Be Mine MV, The Chaser MV, Last Romeo MV, Back MV, Bad MV

Debut: March 20, 2014
Management Company:Jackie Chan Group Korea
Members: E.Co (Ha Joonyoung), Henry Prince Mak, Eddy (Oh Jongseok), SimBa (Kim Youngjin), San-Cheong (Choi Hadon), Zica, Yul
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: At First MV, One Way MV, Fire MV, On the Flower Bed MV, Where You At MV

Debut:  DBSK (December 2, 2003), JYJ (April 2010)
Management Company: SM Entertainment (2003 – 2010), C-JeS Entertainment (2010 – Present)
Members: Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: Pearl Red
Videos: Get Out MV, In Heaven MV, Back Seat MV
Recommendations: Found You” sung by JYJ, “Too Love” which is sung by Junsu and “To You It’s Separation, For Me It’s Waiting” which was sung by Jaejoong from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST. “Creation” and “So, So” are definitely the better tracks off their latest album Just Us and Jaejoongs solo track “Dear J” is also worth a listen.

Debut: October 6, 2010
Management Company:Starkim Entertainment
Members: JUN (Seo Youngjun) – Leader, AKi (Kim Hyoseok), Kei (Lee Kyumin), Kyo (Lee Kyosung)
Former Members: I-OH (Jun Kiwook), Lee Sunghyun, Lee Minyong, Choi Jaehoon, Keon U (Park Keonwoo), Jang Hanbyul, Kim Kwangyeon
Official Fanclub: L.E.D.A
Official Colour: Pearl Teal
Videos: Dash MV, Birthday Killer MV, Run To You MV, Bad Boys MV, Who Are You MV

Debut: September 27, 2012
Management Company:Nega Network
Members: Sam Carter – Leader, Yun (Han Seungyun), Jin, Yub
Former Members: Teo (Shin Taeho)
Official Fanclub: Lukies
Official Colour: Purple
Videos: Super Hero MV, How Nice Would It Be MV, Stardust MV, A ti MV

Mate (메이트)

Debut: April 27, 2009
Management Company: Mnet Media
Members: Im Heon Il, Jung Joon Il, Lee Hyun Jae
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: It’s Alright MV, Longing MV, BABY MV, A Day MV

Debut: October 15, 2009
Management Company: J. Tune Entertainment
Members: Seung Ho – Leader, G.O (Jung Byung Hee; previously Jang Goon of Tykeys), Mir (Bang Chul Young)
Former member(s): Lee Joon (Lee Chang Seon), Thunder (Park Sang Hyun)
Official Fanclub: A+ (A-Plus)
Official Colour: Pearl Chocolate
Videos: Oh Yeah! MV, Y MV, Mona Lisa MV, This is War MV, Be a Man MV, Mirror MV

M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters)
Debut: October 26, 2011
Management Company:Jungle Entertainment
Members: Kang Nam (Namekawa Yasuo), 5Zic (Kim Hangil), Young Cream (Kim Kiseok), Sims (Sim Jongsu)
Official Fanclub: Busterz
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: G.D.M MV, Celebrate MV, Dash (Men In Black) MV, Bounce MV

Monsta X
Debut: May 14, 2015
Management Company: Starship Entertainment
Members: Shownu (Son Hyun Woo) – Leader, Wonho (Shin Hoseok), Minhyuk (Lee Minhyuk), Kihyun (Yoo Kihyun), Hyungwon (Chae Hyungwon), Jooheon (Lee Jooheon), I.M (Im Changkyun)
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Trespass MV

Debut: August 1, 2013
Management Company: CMG Chorok Stars
Members: Taehee (Lee Taehee) – Leader, Yooseung (Seo Younghoon), Lumin (Lee Seunghyun), Haru (Oh Hyunjun), Red (Guo Jin), T.O (Go Hyunwoo), Jerry (Moon Youngseo)
Official Fanclub: MUSE (Mind, Understand, Special, Encourage)
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: We Can’t Be Friends MV, Not That Kind of Person MV

Mr. Mr.
Debut: October 4, 2012
Management Company: WinningIn Sight Music
Members: Jin (Lee Hyunjin) – Leader, Changjae (Lee Changjae), Tey (Han Jihyun), Doyeon (Kwan Doyeon), Ryu (Oh Kitaek)
Former Member: Hon (Yu Seungjun)
Official Fanclub: Miso
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Who’s That Girl MV, Highway MV, Do You Feel Me MV, Big Man MV

Debut: October 26th, 2011
Management Company: H2 Media
Members: Lee Gunwoo – Leader, Kang Insoo, Kim Seyong, JunQ (Kang Joonkyu), Chaejin (Chae Jinseok)
Official Fanclub: MyGirl
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Message MV, Baby I’m Sorry MV, Too Very So Much MVJust Tell Me MV

Debut: 2015
Management Company:FNC Entertainment
Members: Lee Seunghyub – Leader, Kwon Kwangjin, Cha Hun, Kim Jaehyun
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: N/A

NU’EST (New Establish Style Tempo)
Debut: March 15, 2012
Management Company: Pledis Entertainment
Members: JR (Kim Jonghyun) – Leader, Aron (Aaron Kwak), Baekho (Kang Dongho), Hwang Minhyun, Ren (Choi Minki)
Official Fanclub: L.O.Λ.E
Official Colour: Diamond
Videos: FACE MV, Action MV, Hello MV, Good Bye Bye MV

Debut: May 7th, 2015
Management Company: CT Entertainment
Members:  Seunghwan – Leader, Yunsung, Hyunkyung, Kyle, Minsung, Milo] Kangmin
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Lovesick MV

Royal Pirates
Debut: August 25, 2013
Management Company:
Members: Moon (Kim Moonchul) – Leader, Sooyun (Kim Sooyun), James (Lee Joohyun)
Former Member: Richard (Kim Moonchan)
Official Fanclub: Royal Treasures
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Drawing the Line MV, Love Toxic MV

Debut: May 25, 2008
Management Company: SM Entertainment
Members: Onew – Leader, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin
Official Fanclub: SHINee World (Shawols)
Official Colour: Pearlescent Sky Blue / Pearl Aqua Green
Videos: Noona Is So Pretty (Replay) MV, Juliette MV, Ring Ding Dong MV, Lucifer MV, Sherlock MV, Everybody MV, View MV, Married to the Music MV
Recommendations: Jonghyun’s solo, Hyeya (Y Si Fuera Ella) is definitely worth a try, along with A-Yo, Hello, Symptoms and AMIGO.


Debut: September 11, 2009
Management Company: YJ Music Entertainment
Members: Inseok – Leader, Hyungjoon, Minho, Jinseok, Changhyun
Official Fanclub: WAS-I
Official Colour: Purple
Videos: Bomb Bomb Bomb MV, Don’t Be Down MV
Notes: They are mainly active in Japan; their Japanese releases are not included here.


Debut: August 14, 2008
Management Company: TN Entertainment
Members: World (Nam Hyun Joon) – Leader, Naru, Jerry, Han Bang, Hero
Former member(s): Cheon Woo
Official Fanclub: smaSHE
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Emergency MV, Never Ending Story MV, I’ll Keep It MV
Notes: SMASH’s releases and promotions after 2012 have been focused only in Japan. Those releases are not listed here.

Super Junior
Debut: November 6, 2005
Management Company: SM Entertainment
Members: Eeteuk – Leader, Heechul, Kangin, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shiwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun
Sub-unit member(s): Zhou Mi, Henry (Super Junior-M)
Inactive member(s): Kim Kibum
Former member(s): Han Geng (Hankyung)
Sub-unit(s): Super Junior-M, Super Junior-T, Super Junior K.R.Y
Official Fanclub: E.L.F (Everlasting Friends)
Official Colour: Pearl Sapphire Blue
Videos: Miracle MV, U MV, Sorry Sorry MV, Mr. Simple MV, Mamacita MV, Devil MV
Recommendations: Super Junior has an expansive discography; some popular fan favourites include It’s YouNo Other, A-CHA and Evanesce.

Supernova (Choshinsung)

Also known as: Choshinsei (Japan)
Debut: September 21, 2007
Management Company: MNet Media
Members: Jung Yoonhak – Leader, Kim Sungje, Kim Gwangsu, Yoon Sungmo, Song Jihyuk, Park Geonil
Official Fanclub: MILKY*WAY [Japan]
Official Colour: Pearl
Videos: HIT MV, Superstar MV, On Days That I Missed You MV, Stupid Love MV
Notes: Supernova’s releases and promotions over the last few years have been focused in Japan.

Debut: August 9, 2012
Management Company:Woollim Entertainment
Members: Jung Daeryong and Jung Soryong
Official Fanclub: 2Wings
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: You Know Me MV, Mamama MV, Day’n Night MV, Addiction MV

Teen Top
Debut: July 10, 2010
Management Company: T.O.P. Media
Members: C.A.P – Leader, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, Changjo
Official Fanclub: ANGEL
Official Colour: Pearl Light Lavender
Videos: Clap MV, Miss Right MV, Rocking MV, Missing MV, Ah Ah MV 


Previously known as: I the Tri Top’s
Debut: October 19, 2007
Management Company: Paramount Entertainment
Members: Ban Hyung Moon – Leader, Jang Yoo Joon, Kim Il Goon, Lee Woo Gon
Official Fanclub: TriStar
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Green Frog MV, To My Girlfriend MV, Too Foolish to You MV, Your Temperature MV
Recommendations: It’s a pity that Tritops hasn’t released much, but they’ve made up for it by putting out quality tracks. Fans of ballads will like their music; personal picks include Calling Love and She’s A Wizard.


Debut: August 28, 2008
Management Company: NH Media
Members: Soohyun – Leader, Kevin, Eli, Kiseop, AJ, Hoon, Jun
Former member(s): Kim Kibum (formerly Marumir of Xing), Alexander, Dong Ho
Official Fanclub: Kiss Me
Official Colour: Pearl Fuschia / Clear balloons with lip prints
Videos: Not Young MV, Man Man Ha Ni MV, Doradora MV, Playground MV

Debut: October 16, 2014
Management Company: YueHua Entertainment
Members: Zhou Yixuan, Li Wenhan,Wang Yibo, Kim Sungjoo, Cho Seungyoun
Official Fanclub: Uniqcorn
Official Colour: Starry Purple
Videos: Falling in Love MV, EOEO MV

V.I.X.X (Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis)
Debut: May 24, 2012
Management Company: Jellyfish Entertainment
Members: N (Cha Hakyeon) – Leader, Leo (Jung Taekwoon), Ken (Lee Jaehwan), Ravi (Kim Wonsik), Hongbin (Lee Hongbin), Hyuk (Han Sanghyuk)
Official Fanclub: Starlights
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Super Hero MV, Voodoo Doll MV, Eternity MV, Error MV, Love Equation  MV

Debut:  August 6, 2014
Management Company: YG Entertainment
Members:  Kang Seungyoon – Leader, Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seunghoon, Song Mino, Nam Taehyun
Official Fanclub:  Inner Circle
Official Colour:  N/A
Videos:  Empty MV, Colour Ring MV
Recommendations: Mino’s solo track “I’m Him” off their album 2014 S/S is a fast paced rap track, alternatively if you’re after something slower “Different” is also an interesting track and their cover of 2NE1’s “Missing You” is also a good track.

ZE:A / Children of Empire

Debut: January 15, 2010
Management Company: Star Empire Entertainment
Members: Lee Hoo (Moon Joon Young) – Leader, Park Hyung Shik, Ha Min Woo, Kevin Kim, Jung Hee Chul, Hwang Kwang Hee, Kim Tae Heon, Im Si Wan, Kim Dong Jun
Official Fanclub: ZE:A’S / ZE:A’ STYLE
Official Colour: Jade Green
Videos: Mazeltov MV, Phoenix MV, The Ghost of Wind MV, Breathe MV


Disbanded / Inactive

Debut: March 4, 2009
Management Company: SM Entertainment, Sidus HQ, Young Producers Alliance
Members: No Minwoo (SME), Hyunwoo (Sidus HQ), Lee Jang Woo (YPA)
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: That Guy’s Girl MV (feat. Yoona of SNSD)
Notes: All three members are now active as actors.

Debut: April 24, 2008
Management Company: DSP Entertainment
Members: Park Jungjin – Leader, Lim Hanbyul, Byun Jangmoon, Sung Inkyu, Tomo (Azuma Tomoki), Ding Haiming
Official Fanclub: Eunice
Official Colour: Pearl Purple
Videos: BACK MV, Dynamite MV

Battle (배틀)
Debut: December 17, 2006
Management Company: Good Entertainment
Members: Ryu – Leader, Taehwa, Lio, Chris, Hwichan
Former member(s): Kihyun
Official Fanclub: Battle Destiny [Unofficial]
Official Colour: Pearlescent Gold
Videos: Crash (Crazy In Love) MV, Tell Me! MV, Step By Step MV
Recommendations: Aside from their MV-featured songs, Hey Yo and Flying Up are more up-tempo songs, while Troubled Heart and Icarus are nice slow songs from them. Icarus in particular is reminiscent of Shinhwa’s slower tracks.

BAY (베이)
Debut: June 19, 2007
Management Company: ABLE Entertainment
Members: Ga Ul (Vocal), Jae Min (Bass), Sung Jong (Guitar), Won Suk (Drums)
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread
Videos: To Music MV, Goodbye Days MV, Traffic Light MV (Robbers OST)

DNT (Dragon N Tiger)
Debut: August 12, 2008
Management Company: Orange Entertainment
Members: Moon Joon Young – Leader, Tae Rang (Park Byung Kyu), Lee Jung Jo, Jung Chi Ho
Former member(s): Kwon Tae Ku, Lee Dong Wook
Official Fanclub: DAY
Official Colour: Chocolate
Videos: Two People and Thereafter MV, I Have a Lover MV, Crazily Pretty MV, The Love In My Heart MV, Time Is MV
Notes: Inactive since 2011

Debut: February 13, 2009
Management Company: TOP Media
Members: Rocky (Kim Rok Hyun), Park Dong Min
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Yes! MV, Dazzling Eyes (feat. Kang Jiyoung of KARA)
Notes: Rok Hyun debuted with TOP Media’s new group 100% in 2012.

Debut: September 23, 2005
Management Company: NH Media
Members: P.O, Ace, Ryan – Leader, A.J, Neo
Official Fanclub: Blue Ciel
Official Colour: Pearl Sapphire Sky Blue
Videos: First Love MV, Your Heart Is Beating Inside Me MV, Five Steps MV, Don’t Cry (Live @ Inkigayo)
Recommendations: Aside from tracks featured in their MVs, Paran displays their vocal abilities in tracks such as White Love, See You Again, or Missing Number, Footprint, and A Suit. The latter are all from their newest album, U.R.M.S.

Monster (몬스터)
Debut: April 17, 2007
Management Company: Monster World Entertainment
Members: Heaven (Jung Seung Hyun), Real (Bae Joon Ryul), Gaho (Son Young Gon)
Former member(s): David (Cho Dong Gook), Kangmin (Lee Min)
Official Fanclub: Unknown
Official Colour: Black
Videos: Sajin Sok Nawa Dalmeun Geu… MV, Soul MV

Debut: July 9, 2009
Management Company: Amuse (에이뮤즈)
Members: Joy (Lee Bae Yeon), W.dop (Go Dong Woong)
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Far Away MV
Notes: Disappeared after the release of their first digital single, Remaining Traces.

Debut: June 25, 2005
Management Company: DSP Entertainment
Members: Kim Hyun Joong – Leader, Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Joon
Official Fanclub: Triple S
Official Colour: Pearl Light Green
Videos: Warning MV, Snow Prince MV, Unlock MV, Deja Vu MV, Love Like This MV
Recommendations: If you like upbeat pop tracks, you might enjoy Coward or You Are My Heaven, or for dance tracks, U R Man. Fans of slower songs will find that there aren’t too many from SS501, but FIND and Wings of the World are nice samples from what they do have.

T.H.E STORY (더 스토리)
Debut: June 15, 2005
Management Company: Genics / Doremi Media (Label)
Members: Bak Su Hyo – Leader, Dong Hwan, Jin Su, Jin Woong
Former member(s): Ahn Sun Yong / Yoon (Also in B2Y), Kim Dong Hyuk, Yoon Sang Hoon
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Rain Song MV

Debut: July 19, 2007
Management Company: 2Step Entertainment
Members: Shin Min Chul, Kim Joon (Kim Hyung Joon), Park Yun Hwa
Official Fanclub: Mighty Max
Official Colour: Pearl Midnight Blue
Videos: Blooming MV, Lion Heart (Live @ Music Bank), Paradise MV (Boy’s Over Flowers OST), Want MV, Don’t Be Rude MV

Debut: April 14, 2007
Management Company: J&H Media
Members: Son Ho Jun (Leader), Jeong Jung Gyun, Kang Dae Gyu
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Feel Your Breeze MV

Telepathy (텔레파시)
Debut: September 9, 2009 (or August 14, 2008 if the song they released in the No Future For You tribute album is counted)
Management Company: ?
Members: Gunwoo, Suck, Horsie, Back
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: You’re Like UFO MV, Techno Shoes MV
Notes: Inactive since 2011

TOA (투아)
Previously known as: Honey Boys

Debut: January 27, 2009 (CD release) / April 30, 2008 (First TV appearance)
Management Company: Excellent Entertainment
Members: Shi Woo – Leader, Shinnan, Joonhyuk
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: 4th HITTER MV, Because I Love You More MV

Xing (Old)
Note: Xing experienced many member changes. They were completely “reformed” in 2008 with a new set of members after all the old ones left. For that, see “Xing (New).” This differentiation is for your convenience only.

Debut: December 14, 2006
Management Company: Xing Entertainment
Member(s): Kevin, Yume, Marumir, Cheon Hyesung, Poppin’ Dragon, ZEN
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: In Your Hands MV, Eojjeodaga MV, My Girl MV, T Express MV
Recommendations: Their first two songs, In Your Hands and Eojjeodaga were my personal favourites. If you like bubblegum pop, however, then you will find later singles more to your taste.

Xing (New)
Debut: October 29, 2008
Management Company: Xing Entertainment
Members: ZEN (Nam Jinhyun) – Leader, Yoon (Kim Jisang), White (Lee Suhoon), Husky (Woo Hyunmin), Gun (Shin Gwangchul), Kipalang (Jeon Jihwan), Rising (Park Hyunchul), Soul (Lee Injoon)
Other members*: Wanchul, Donggeun, Hyunjin, Doohwan, Jinwan
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Memorize MV, Day By Day MV The First Noel MV
Notes: *Other members were repeatedly added to the group as older members left the group. Husky, Kipalang, Rising and Soul are now members of DGNA. Wanchul and Doohwan are now in A-Peace and Jinwan is currently part of LU:KUS.

Credit: As tagged, Mardi09, Daum, Naver, bestiz, Dosirak, Soompi and more. If you want specific credit for something that we’ve missed (which is a lot), please drop us a line.

Note: If anyone notices that we’ve neglected to add a male group/duo or spots something else missing, feel free to let us know. If you have updated information or links to share, let us know and we’d be more than happy to put them in.

Last updated: August 23, 2015


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