King of Masked Singer’s ‘Legendary Guitar Man’: Is it Chen of EXO?

The contestant known as ‘Legendary Guitar Man’ has been a hot topic on Korean news portals and SNS ever since he made a splash on his first appearance in this week’s Episode 21 of MBC’s mystery singing competition show, King of Masked Singer, which aired yesterday.

Search terms and keywords such as “King of Masked Singer Guitar Man” topped Naver search, Weibo and Twitter trends for hours after the episode aired as netizens debated over the identity of Guitar Man.

In this episode, Guitar Man (in red) faced contestant ‘Knowledgeable Man’ in a Round 1 duet battle of Toy’s “Passionate Goodbye”:

Media and fans alike have focused on EXO’s Chen (Kim Jongdae) as the main suspect; his way of bowing, hand gestures while singing and powerful, distinct vocals (despite his attempt to change his voice slightly) are major points cited in support of this argument.

Judge Kim Chang Ryul, however, suggested that Guitar Man might be INFINITE’s Sunggyu, while Kim Gura guessed that it could be Super Junior’s Ryeowook (though I’m fairly certain few took this particular suggestion seriously). Another possibility that has been raised by netizens is that Guitar Man could be vocalist Kim Tae Hyun of rock band DickPunks – judge Kim Hyun Suk had specifically pointed to how Guitar Man’s style and image would fit that of a rock band lead vocalist.

My personal pick is Chen (in fact, I would eat my hat if it turns out to be someone else). What does everyone else think?

From 10asia, Sports Chosun


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