GOT7 Jackson’s First Ever Solo Photoshoot

 GOT7’s “Wild and Sexy” Jackson Wang has officially participated in his first ever solo photoshoot, which is weird considering all of the solo activities he’s had in the past year (as well as the Entertainment Rookie award he won at the SBS Entertainment Awards last December), you’d think he would have had at least one or two other solo shoots under his belt. Jackson appears in the September issue of GQ Korea. 

During his interview with GQ Jackson stated that he wanted to do a program that exposed everything saying that he feels bad towards viewers if he has to lie about something and that even if people might not like him he’d feel better knowing that people knew the real him. He then continued on to say “The person that I strive to be, I’ve never been able to be him. I have to endlessly challenge myself, and overcome my limit,” in reference to wanting to try his very best in everything that he does.

Apart from the three official photos that we have gotten so far, Jackson also took to his personal Instagram to share a few other shots with us, hopefully some of them also made the cut. I absolutely love that GQ is his first solo photoshoot though, because the shoot follows GQ’s concept of the “stylish man” whilst still being able to capture Jackson’s manly yet eccentric side. What do you guys think of Jackson’s first solo photoshoot?

Source Naver, Instagram 


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