Top 20 Coolest Male K-Celebs Voted by Netizens

It’s finally time to move on to the boys on TvN’s summer special program “The List 2015“, the show has done two other lists so far both focused on women, Top 30 Hottest Females and Top 30 Most Beautiful Faces . This weeks list of “Top 20 Coolest Male K-Celebs” was done a bit differently to the previous two, being that it was created based solely on male votes, whilst the previous two were done by a mix of both men and women, however TvN also did a separate vote just for the women and so we have the Top 10 from that one to compare to the Top 10 from the male votes. Coming in at #1 for the guys is actor and director Ha Jung Woo (Assassination) who’s one of the top Korean actors of his generation and exudes charisma whether on the small screen, big screen or stage. For the girls All About Eve’s Jang Dong Gun comes in at #1, one of Korea’s original hearthrobs and most bankable stars, Jang Dong Gun is not only one of Korea’s beloved stars but is also one amazing actor and a constant mention during film festivals.

The guys Top 10 choices and the girls Top 10 choices do have some similarities Jang Dong Gun, Jo In Sung, Won Bin and Jung Woo Sung appear on both lists, You Who Came From the Stars actor Kim Soo Hyun also appears on both lists although, he is #5 on the girls list (most likely due to his extreme popularity as the alien from the stars who created a frenzy all across the nation, leaving women wanting their own Do Manager) whilst he comes in at #15 on the guys list. It’s also interesting that whilst the men seem to have gone for the older more experienced actors, the women are more inclined to favour the handsome younger men, though that isn’t to say that they don’t have acting chops as well. Check out the rest of the list below.

20. Kim Yoon Seok

19. Ma Dong Seok

18. Lee Byung Hun

17. Song Seung Hun

16. Park Sung Woong

15. Kim Soo Hyun

14. Song Il Gook

13. Hyun Bin

12. Lee Jung Jae

11. So Ji Sub

10. Yoo Jae Suk

9. Jo In Sung

8. Hwang Jung Min

7. Song Kang Ho

6. Won Bin

5. Choi Min Sik

4. Jang Dong Gun

3. Jung Woo Sung

2. Cha Seung Won

1. Ha Jung Woo

and the Top 10 for the women

10. Lee Jin Wook

9. Yoo Ah In

8. Song Joong Ki

7. Kim Woo Bin

6. Kang Dong Won

5. Kim Soo Hyun

4. Jo In Sung

3. Jung Woo Sung

2. Won Bin

1. Jang Dong Gun

Source Osen

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