No More Meals for “Three Meals a Day – Jeongseon”?

Has PD Na Yong Suk’s popular TvN variety show “Three Meals a Day” served its final course? A representative from TvN has confirmed that there will be no more seasons of “Three Meals a Day” in Jeongseon county, however there may still be a possibility for another season of “Three Meals a Day” after the ending of the second season of the upcoming “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village” but right now there is nothing set in stone. 

This season saw the shows ratings soar as they maintained the top spot in viewer ratings for their time slot for 17 weeks straight. Season 2 saw various guests starting with actress Park Shin Hye (Pinocchio) who received much praise from the viewers and production team for her hardworking and hands on attitude and her happy personality, not to mention her chemistry with 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon which got Lee Seo Jin (Wonderful Days) and Kim Kwang Kyu (Hwajung) in cupid mode. Shin Hye also set the bar for the rest of the guests when she brought along a whole ice box of food including sheep intestines and a jar of honey from her grandfathers farm. Other guests included actors Ji Sung (Kill Me, Heal Me) and Lee Sun Kyun (Miss Korea), solo artist BoA, Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village’s Son Ho Gun and (Seo Jin’s wife Choi Ji Woo) err I mean and the incredibly bubbly and adorable actress Choi Ji Woo (Twenty Again). Park Shin Hye was also the final guest of the season bringing the show full circle.

The final episode of the season was aired on September 11 and saw the three guys gather at Kim Kwang Kyu’s place to choose their worst dish on the show as well as talk about BTS things.

Authors Note – Man I’m going to miss this show especially Taecyeon getting teased by the hyungs about Shin Hye all the time, but like those two have really awesome chemistry and worked really well together, I wouldn’t mind seeing them in a drama together soon or maybe a CF or a magazine photoshoot. Come on people make this happen. I agree with Seo Jin, if another season does end up happening make Park Shin Hye and Choi Ji Woo permanent cast members have them appear on alternating weeks or something, I’d watch that (like as long as Taecyeon and Seo Jin are also on it as well, other wise that’d be pointless). 

Source Mediaus

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