‘Mafia Luerd Mungkorn’ – Series Review

 Aof Pongpat’s mega series of the year “Mafia Luerd Mungkorn” has finally come to an end and whilst it took me a while to warm up to the series as a whole (instead of just watching the ones that the actors that I truly liked) I did thoroughly enjoy the series both as a whole and each individual mini drama. Although there were some scenes that I was iffy about (namely the really bad effects and inconsistencies during scenes), I’m glad that I finally found a drama that I could watch all the way through because I have given up halfway through on a lot of the Thai drama’s that I’ve recently watched. This series also gave me a chance to watch some actors and actresses that I have never considered watching before, with a star studded main cast and numerous supporting characters it’s not hard to pick favourites from each part. Set in 1957 the series depicts the journey of first generation Thai’s born from Chinese immigrants. The fathers of our five main protagonists made the journey from China to Thailand and together went through many hardships before forming the “Luerd Mungkorn” society in which they were each leaders of a gang that took care of areas of Bangkok populated with Chinese immigrants. The series follows the journey of the heirs of these gang leaders and the hardships that they have to overcome in order to continue their fathers legacies.
Side note: I’m still not over the finale of Hohng and what happened with Ah Long Continue reading

Thai Drama – ‘Ka Badin’

IT HAS FINALLY AIRED!!!!!! *cries*..Ahem moving on, Thai TV3’s historical drama “Ka Badin” has finally hit our small screens, and  as I explained in my previous post the title loosely translates to being a servant of the nation. This is the first drama that Matt and James have been paired in and also the first “boran” drama for both of them.  Continue reading

‘Ka Badin’ Releases Final Teaser and First OST

 YES!!!!!! IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!  *cough* I mean, Thai TV3’s upcoming historical drama “Ka Badin” is finally set to air on the 22nd of May after the release of its’s official teaser. The title loosely translates to being a servant of the nation using the Boran (historical Thai) word for “nation” and by “servant” it means someone who loves the nation with their whole heart and is willing to die for it. The drama stars James Ma and Matt Peeranee as leads, co-stars include Saimai Maneerat, Boy Chokchai as well as veterans such as Ton Jakrit, Mam Jintara, Dilok Tongwattana, Tong Sawitri and Aem ApinunContinue reading

Thai Drama – Abb Ruk Online

 Thai TV 3’s newest Weds -Thurs drama “Abb Ruk Online” or “Secret Online Love” stars veteran actress Anne Thongprasom and singer/actor Peter Corp Dyrendal as the main leads, along with Mark Prin Suparat and Kimberly Ann Voltemas as the secondary/main leads. This is the first time that Peter and Anne have worked together and the second time that Anne has worked with Mark and Kim, her production company Thong Entertainment was the same company that produced the 2012 drama remake “Punya Chon Kon Krua” (her company is also producing this drama as well). With four well known leads and a hilarious supporting cast, Abb Ruk Online may be one of the most hilarious dramas of the year.  Continue reading

Thai Drama – Ruk Tong Oom

I’m a bit late in posting up the synopsis for this drama considering that it’s already about 7 episodes in, but I couldn’t resist not posting about my favourite Thai drama couple or as they say is Thai, “koo kwan”. “Ruk Tong Oom” or “Love Needs To Be Carried“/”Carried with Love” produced by Thai Tv 3’s Maker Group brings together real life best friends Matt Peeranee and Grate Warintorn for their third drama together and I am heaps happy with the drama. It’s also nice to see that they’ve covered a different genre of drama each time they’ve been paired up, their first drama, “Kularb Rai Klai Ruk“/ “Love Transforms an Evil Rose” (2011) was filled with so much angst and drama (but was so awesome, I immediately shipped the two together). The second drama “Likit Sanaeha“/”Fated Love Spell” (2011) followed more of a romance/family type of theme, although I have to admit, I was severely disappointed in this one. Their third and present drama is a romance/comedy/family type of drama and although like I mentioned in my favourites post, I have some issues with Matt’s character Lanta’s stubbornness, the cute/ funny scenes more than make up for it all.  Continue reading

Thai Drama – Roy Ruk Hak Liem Tawan

Please don’t disappoint me like all these other Thai dramas I’ve seen recently, new series, The Rising Sun: Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan or Love Conquers the Sun (in Thai “tawan” normally refers to the sun, but in this case “tawan” is used to represent Japan) by Thai TV 3 production company, Maker Group has recently began airing and from the first two episodes I really like the story. Love Conquers the Sun is the first in the three part series that is adapted from a book series of the same name. Continue reading

Thai Drama – Yah Leum Chun

Now this is a drama that I’ve been looking forward too since I heard confirmation of the cast, Thai TV 3’s “Yah Leum Chun” or the English translation “Don’t Forget Me” (however the production team has chosen to title it “Forget Me Not” because the forget me not flower plays a key role in the main leads story) is produced by Lakorn Thai and stars veteran actors Anne Thongprasom and Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee, along with fellow veteran Kong Saharat and Thai/Danish actress Sirita Jensen. Although this is a remake, I’m confident that the whole drama will be a massive hit, Director Paa Jaew is awesome at these type of dramas, his dramas always turn out as rating hits. This is also the first drama that Anne and Tik have starred in together since both of them entered into the entertainment business so it’s sure to be a big hit. Continue reading

Thai Drama – Cubic: A Short Recap

So far we are only about 8 episodes in to UMA 99’s Cubic drama which is currently airing Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Thailand’s TV 3 channel. I am really enjoying this drama, but since I don’t have enough time to do single episode recaps I thought that this post would be a nice way of updating you all on what has been happening to our leads so far. Since it does air three days of the week, I feel that in the next two weeks we’ll get our conclusion to Cubic. My initial judgement that Noey Chotika would be playing a bitch role has been proven wrong, and it’s interesting to see her take on the role of the nice celebrity, I honestly didn’t think she would be able to do it, but like all “nang rai’s”seeing them play a good role is always refreshing and it gives you a new light on their acting talents, as well as the fact that they can play diverse characters. On to the recap.

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