Grand K-POP Festival 2015 Promotes Hallyu with CNBLUE, EXO’s Chen, SNSD and More

The Grand K-POP Festival 2015 was held on September 4th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium with the goal of promoting Korean culture by attracting fans of Korean pop music from around the world to the festival – and attract it did, since it boasted an impressive line-up of top stars: SNSD/Girl’s Generation, CNBLUE, Chen of EXO, Taemin of SHINee, BEAST, Block B, EXID and BTOB. The festival was organized by the Korean Tourism Organization and hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

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‘Mafia Luerd Mungkorn’ – Series Review

 Aof Pongpat’s mega series of the year “Mafia Luerd Mungkorn” has finally come to an end and whilst it took me a while to warm up to the series as a whole (instead of just watching the ones that the actors that I truly liked) I did thoroughly enjoy the series both as a whole and each individual mini drama. Although there were some scenes that I was iffy about (namely the really bad effects and inconsistencies during scenes), I’m glad that I finally found a drama that I could watch all the way through because I have given up halfway through on a lot of the Thai drama’s that I’ve recently watched. This series also gave me a chance to watch some actors and actresses that I have never considered watching before, with a star studded main cast and numerous supporting characters it’s not hard to pick favourites from each part. Set in 1957 the series depicts the journey of first generation Thai’s born from Chinese immigrants. The fathers of our five main protagonists made the journey from China to Thailand and together went through many hardships before forming the “Luerd Mungkorn” society in which they were each leaders of a gang that took care of areas of Bangkok populated with Chinese immigrants. The series follows the journey of the heirs of these gang leaders and the hardships that they have to overcome in order to continue their fathers legacies.
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EXO’s Chen is King of Masked Singer’s Legendary Guitar Man!

On Episode 22 of MBC’s mystery singing competition show, King of Masked Singer, which aired on August 30th, winners of Round 1 from last week competed in Rounds 2 & 3, with the final winner going on to challenge the reigning Masked King in Round 4 for the honour of becoming the 11th generation Masked King.

‘Legendary Guitar Man’ made a splash last week with rampant speculations over his identity (with many arguing that he’s EXO’s main vocalist Chen) and he again shot to the top of Naver and Melon search as well as trended worldwide on Twitter after two incredible vocal displays in Rounds 2 & 3.

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CNBLUE Rumoured to Make September Comeback

FNC rock band CNBLUE are rumoured to make their much awaited Korean comeback this September. The boys were last seen together as a group in February 2014 with their mini album “Can’t Stop” and since then have participated in various solo activities. The new song is reported to be composed by leader Jung Yonghwa ,who also written and composed various other songs for the band across their Korean and Japanese albums, the comeback song is described as a rock song with a disco flavour.  Continue reading

Yong Pal Episodes 1-6: Medical Meets Action Thriller Meets Chaebol Melo

Yong Pal is the new show on the block that everyone’s talking about: with Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee headlining and its fair share of plot twists and turns keeping viewers at the edges of their seats, it’s definitely raking in the ratings. The most recent episode (Episode 6, which aired last Thursday) scored 20.4% nationwide according to AGB Nielsen, which is just crazy by recent standards. But does it truly deserve all the hype? (Note: Spoilers for Episodes 1-6 below.)

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Top 20 Coolest Male K-Celebs Voted by Netizens

It’s finally time to move on to the boys on TvN’s summer special program “The List 2015“, the show has done two other lists so far both focused on women, Top 30 Hottest Females and Top 30 Most Beautiful Faces . This weeks list of “Top 20 Coolest Male K-Celebs” was done a bit differently to the previous two, being that it was created based solely on male votes, whilst the previous two were done by a mix of both men and women, however TvN also did a separate vote just for the women and so we have the Top 10 from that one to compare to the Top 10 from the male votes. Coming in at #1 for the guys is actor and director Ha Jung Woo (Assassination) who’s one of the top Korean actors of his generation and exudes charisma whether on the small screen, big screen or stage. For the girls All About Eve’s Jang Dong Gun comes in at #1, one of Korea’s original hearthrobs and most bankable stars, Jang Dong Gun is not only one of Korea’s beloved stars but is also one amazing actor and a constant mention during film festivals.

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GOT7 Jackson’s First Ever Solo Photoshoot

 GOT7’s “Wild and Sexy” Jackson Wang has officially participated in his first ever solo photoshoot, which is weird considering all of the solo activities he’s had in the past year (as well as the Entertainment Rookie award he won at the SBS Entertainment Awards last December), you’d think he would have had at least one or two other solo shoots under his belt. Jackson appears in the September issue of GQ Korea.  Continue reading

King of Masked Singer’s ‘Legendary Guitar Man’: Is it Chen of EXO?

The contestant known as ‘Legendary Guitar Man’ has been a hot topic on Korean news portals and SNS ever since he made a splash on his first appearance in this week’s Episode 21 of MBC’s mystery singing competition show, King of Masked Singer, which aired yesterday.

Search terms and keywords such as “King of Masked Singer Guitar Man” topped Naver search, Weibo and Twitter trends for hours after the episode aired as netizens debated over the identity of Guitar Man.

In this episode, Guitar Man (in red) faced contestant ‘Knowledgeable Man’ in a Round 1 duet battle of Toy’s “Passionate Goodbye”:

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Korean Male Idol / Vocal Groups and Rock Bands

What had originally begun as a simple list updated for fun in order to organize the insane numbers of 2nd Gen-and-onwards Korean boybands and other male vocal/rock groups turned into… this.

Disclaimer: This list dates back to 2008-2010, so inevitably some of the information/pictures/music will be outdated – suggestions and tips from fans are very welcome. Also, not every group is listed because it’s simply impossible! Some well-known male vocal groups and rock bands were also included in this list’s original version; we’ve left them in, despite the list morphing into something more idol group-oriented.

Listed in alphabetical order.

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Top 30 Most Beautiful Female K-Celeb Faces as Voted by Netizens

Following last weeks “Top 30 Sexiest Female K-Celebs” list is this weeks “Top 30 Most Beautiful Female K-Celeb Faces” list as voted by netizens. Topping the list this week is actress Kim Tae Hee (Yong Pal) who is known for her flawless and small face, coming in second is Lee Young Ae of Dae Jung Geum fame, followed by Jeon Ji Hyun (You Who Came From The Stars) whom also came in at third on last weeks list. Other celebs who made last weeks and this weeks list include Son Ye Jin (Shark), Han Go Eun (Goddess of Fire) and Shin Min Ah (Arang and the Magistrate). Continue reading