Nominees for the 2015 Korea Drama Awards

The nominees for the 2015 Korea Drama Awards were announced earlier today (September 9th) and competition is fierce for who will win the Daesang and Top Excellence awards. MBC’s popular drama “Kill Me, Heal Me” is the most nominated drama, lead actor Ji Sung is nominated for the Daesang, whilst lead actress Hwang Jung Eum is nominated for Top Excellence Actress, the drama itself is also nominated for Best Drama. The 2015 Korea Drama Awards will be held on the 6th of October 2015 at Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province.  Continue reading

‘Producer’ releases first teaser trailer

 With just under a month left until the first episode airs KBS has finally released their first teaser for their upcoming industry insider drama “Producer“, the drama stars Korean a-listers  Cha Tae Hyun (My Sassy Girl) and Gong Hyo Jin (It’s Okay, It’s Love) as well as Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came From the Stars) and solo artist IU as leads. Continue reading

Cha Tae Hyun & Gong Hyo Jin Unveiled as Veteran PDs in First Producer Stills

With such an impressive lead cast, writer Park Ji Eun of hit drama You Who Came From the Stars penning the script and veteran romcom directer Pyo Min Soo (Ho Gu’s Love, You’ve Fallen for Me, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) at the helm, it’s no surprise that any news on the upcoming KBS drama Producer has been received with great interest.

The first stills have recently been released, featuring Gong Hyo Jin in character as Tak Ye Jin, PD of Music Bank. and Cha Tae Hyun as Ra Joon Mo, the veteran PD of 1 Night 2 Days.

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EXO tops Forbes Korea’s “2015 Power Celebrity 40”

 Forbes Korea released their “Power Celebrity 40” list for the year 2014 at the end of last month, surprisingly SM’s super group EXO came in at first place despite the scandals that rocked the group throughout last year (with two members filing lawsuits and one member caught in the midst of a date with a label member), the group rose four places to take the number one spot, whilst last years #1 SNSD dropped down to ninth. There are two steps involved in determining the Top 40, the first step involves finding the Top 100 most searched people of the year based on data provided by Nate, the second step involves measuring that celebrity’s:

1. Sales – Estimated based on appearance fees, CF guarantees, album sales, etc. + reported overseas income
2. Media Exposure – Number of appearances in the top 3 newspapers, magazine covers
3. Television Exposure – CF model ranking and appearances on talk shows and variety shows
4. Ratings –  For MC’s and actors this is based on TV ratings, for movie actors it is the total audience number, Gaon digital and physical sales rankings for singers and competition results for athletes
The final list is the 40 celebrities with the highest average ranking across all four categories.

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‘Con Artists’ Red Carpet Premiere

 Scheduled for release on Christmas Eve (December 24th) Kim Woo Bin (The Heirs) and Lee Hyun Woo‘s (Secretly, Greatly) film “Con Artists” or “The Technicians” held its VIP Premiere at the Lotte World Cinema in Jamsil, Seoul. Kim Woo Bin’s ‘The Heirs’ co-stars Kim Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul both showed up to support their ex cast member with Kang Ha Neul walking the red carpet dressed as his Misaeng character Jang Baek Gi, the man from the stars Kim Soo Hyun also turned up to support his Secretly, Greatly co-star Lee Hyun Woo.  Continue reading

APAN Star Awards 2014: Winners, Performers & Winning Fashion

The 2014 3rd APAN Star Awards (part of the annual Daejeon Drama Festival) was held a few days ago on November 15th and Jo In Sung was the big winner of the night for his performance in the critically-acclaimed It’s Okay, It’s Love, while two of his fellow castmates, Lee Kwang Soo and rookie actor Do Kyung Soo (D.O of EXO), also took home awards. To absolutely no one’s surprise, however, the show that earned the most nods was You Who Came From the Stars with a total of five – most notably Kim Soo Hyun winning the Actor Top Excellence award and both Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun taking home the Hallyu Star award.

That’s not to say the night wasn’t without a few eyebrow-raising surprises – Kim Hee Sun (while I love her) winning the Actress Top Excellence for Feature-length Dramas for Wonderful Season over Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki) was unexpected, to say the least. I didn’t expect Kim Hee Ae to win Actress Top Excellence for Mini-series over Gong Hyo Jin either, though I wouldn’t say Gong Hyo Jin was robbed in this case – both actresses are excellent. But what about Jin Se Yeon winning a popularity award for Doctor Stranger? At least the love was spread out across the dramas nominated?

The APAN Star Awards ceremony was broadcasted on tvN on November 19th from 6-7pm.

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Nominees Announced for the APAN Star Awards 2014

It’s awards season again, the time of year when top stars trot out to accept recognition for their work in TV/film/entertainment and impress (or shock) us all with their red carpet fashion choices. The list of nominations have been released for the APAN Star Awards 2014, which covers all dramas that aired on the Big 3 channels (SBS, MBC, KBS) as well as cable networks from October 1st, 2013 to September 31st, 2014. Along with the nominee roster is confirmation of the special guest performers who will grace the event, which includes Chen of EXO, Ailee, Red Velvet, T-ara and Dae Guk Nam Ah.

The APAN Star Awards is part of the Daejeon Drama Festival and a relatively new event – this year will mark the third time the awards have been held. This year’s ceremony will take place on November 15th (5:00-10:00 PM KST) at the Hall of Jeongsimhwa International Cultural Center, Chungnam National University in Daejeon. Despite its fairly new status, it’s an interesting way to see which dramas and its actors stood out most across the board (the network-hosted award shows every year are really an excuse for broadcasters to give everyone who gave them ratings a pat on the back).

With that said, the nominees this year are fairly obvious on the whole (in particular, Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun being nominated for You Who Came From the Stars and Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin for It’s Okay, It’s Love in the Top Excellence Actor/Actress categories), though not without its fair share of head-scratchers (like Kang So Ra and Jin Se Yeon both being nominated for Excellence Actress for Doctor Stranger – why that drama is even included on an awards list is beyond me). There’s also the Daesang to consider – last year’s Daesang was taken home by Song Hye Kyo for That Winter, The Wind Blows. I’d say it’ll come down to either Stars or It’s Okay, It’s Love for the big winners, but we won’t know until November 15th – in the meantime, what are everyone’s choices for each category?

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Korean Actors Singing for Drama OSTs: A Trend with Curious Success

Korean actors lending their voices to their dramas’ official soundtracks is nothing new, but it’s impossible not to notice that it’s becoming such a trend that some popular actors are actually expected to sing at least one song with every new drama. Take Kim Soo Hyun, for example (you may have heard of his most recent role as a certain alien from You Who Came From the Stars?); thanks to the rave reviews over his previous OST tracks for Dream High and The Moon That Embraces the Sun as well as his skyrocketing popularity, many fans weren’t just hoping he would also sing for Stars – they were expecting it. Others like Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho (The Heirs), Joo Won (Good Doctor, Gaksital) or even A-listers such as Gong Yoo (Big) and Jang Dong Gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity) have found similar success with their OST contributions – if not on the music charts, then at least in fan fervour.

That begs the question: Why exactly have Korean actors found such success through singing for soundtracks? The general approval towards “singing actors” is particularly curious when one considers the widespread negativity that idols-turned-actors face – two sides of the same coin, but the reactions they garner are polar opposites. Is it due to difference in talent for their new craft, or is it really rooted in difference of perspective?

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‘You Came from the Stars’ Holds First Script Reading

We finally get our first look at the cast of You Came from the Stars (formerly known as “Man from Another Star” or “Man from the Stars”), which actually held its first script reading on October 14th at the SBS Tanhyeon Production Center. Kim Soo Hyun, Jeon Ji Hyun, Park Hae Jin, Yoo In Na and a number of familiar supporting actors (Kim Chang Wan, Na Young Hee, Lee Il Hwa, Yoo In Young, Ahn Jae Hyun, Jo Hee Bong) were in attendance. I don’t see Yunho of DBSK anywhere, so perhaps that casting fell through after all?

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