‘Masked Singer’ PD Selects “Vocal Skills Top 7” Among Idols

Popular MBC singing competition show Masked Singer (or King of Mask Singer) has been garnering considerable attention of late from the Korean public for revealing the hidden singing abilities of many idol vocalists who have appeared on the show. The competitors are given elaborate masks to conceal their identity, thereby eliminating factors like popularity and public perception which may influence audience votes. In an interview yesterday, PD Min Chul Ki was asked to name the Top 7 male and female idols with the best vocal skills, which he listed as follows (in no particular order):

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News Snippets: Three Musketeers Script Reading, First Night Watchman Stills

With the current crop of dramas ending and casting news dropping left and right as productions scramble to get final preparations in place for the upcoming replacements, it’s time for another summary of recent goings-on.

  • The script reading for upcoming tvN triple season sageuk drama The Three Musketeers was held last Tuesday on June 24th at CJ E&M Center in Seoul and was attended by stars Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jin Wook, Yang Dong Gun, Jung Hae In (who will play the three musketeers-slash-bodyguards and the crown prince), female leads Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo In Young as well as Kim Sung Min, Park Young Gyu, Jeon No Min, Lee Kyun and more.

Filming began on July 1st and Yong Hwa himself tweeted fans their first glimpse of him in costume:

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Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung Say Farewell

Filming has wrapped up for TV Chosun’s surprised hit Bride of the Century which airs it’s final two episodes tonight and tomorrow. Leads Lee Hong Ki of FT Island and Yang Jin Sung have come out to thank the cast, crew and fans, Hong Ki apologised for the delay in filming during the early stages of the drama but remained humble, “I’m sorry to everyone for the delay in shooting this drama early on, I did not expect this much popularity for the drama and cannot express my thanks to everyone“. His co-star Yang Jin Sung got a bit emotional, “I had a good time playing two different roles, and gave it my all, and enjoyed it very much, I’m sad that this drama has come to an end, and I created many good memories with everyone involved“. As I said before in one of my previous posts that even though Hong Ki and Jin Sung will no longer be on our screens, the rights to air the drama have been sold to numerous countries and a joint Chinese/Korean version will be in production soon. Continue reading

Bride of the Century goes to China

The extremely popular Bride of the Century which airs its final episode on Saturday, will have a Chinese version produced. I mentioned a few weeks back that the drama was doing extremely well in terms of searches in China, and this still stands, since the drama has started airing it has topped daily, weekly and monthly Chinese charts as the most searched Korean drama. Foreign rights to air the drama in the US have also been sold. For a drama on one of the smaller cable channels in Korea, Bride of the Century has done well during it’s run, garnering 3% ratings, becoming the most searched in China, getting airing rights sold to foreign countries, not to mention showing the acting skills of Lee Hong Ki (who unfortunately has bowed out of taking any more lead roles) as well as showing Yang Jin Sung’s acting ability, any actor/actress who is able to pull off two different characters so flawlessly deserves some recognition. Continue reading

Bride of the Century Episode 15 Preview

Everything is all coming to an end this week, on TV Chosun’s Bride of the Century and I’m seriously sad. Last weeks two episodes were seriously a roller coaster of emotion, actually everything since episode 6 has basically been an up and down roller coaster. I went through so many emotions in last weeks episodes, from bawling my eyes out to smiling like a loon at the OTP, to laughing so loud, and this was only during one episode. Normally you would mainly have a whole bunch of angst and nothing more in an episode, if it was an angsty kind of episode, but I went from crying my eyes out when Kang Joo and Doo Rim said their goodbyes in front of her place to pumping my fist in victory when Kang Joo announces that the woman who will stay by his side is Doo Rim. The only thing left now I think is to find out the connection between Doo Rim’s grandmother and that shoe, and finish the story of past Doo Rim. Both Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung have done such awesome jobs at portraying Kang Joo and Doo Rim/Yi Kyung and although there were faults in this drama like there are in all dramas, I have thoroughly enjoyed this roller coaster of a drama. I’m also heaps happy that Roo Mi and Doo Rim now seem to be drinking buddies or whatnot, I really enjoyed both of their scenes together and I also really liked that Roo Mi would go and see Yi Kyung just because Doo Rim asked her to check on her. Continue reading

Bride of the Century Episode 14 Preview

Ugh why must subs take so long to come out?? I really need to watch this weeks episodes of Bride of the Century!! Like seriously I need to watch my OTP, for those of you who live streamed or are content to watch it through without subs the first time I bow to you . The written preview for tonights episode is actually really vague, like it doesn’t give way that much detail for those of you who have yet to see it, I don’t know if they’re keeping it vague because it airs the next day or if they’re trying to keep their plot under wraps in the lead up to next weeks finale, either way it makes me want to watch the episode. Continue reading

Bride of the Century Episode 13 Preview

This Fridays written preview for episode 13 of TV Chosun’s Bride of the Century is out, this means that sadly we are only 3 episodes away from saying goodbye to these characters, this means no more Doo Rim and Kang Joo to look forward to on Fridays, with just 2 weeks left, I hope the writers have something awesome and swoon worthy in store for us. Last episodes reveal, was not what I anticipated, I was hoping for a way more angry and betrayed Kang Joo, but instead because he is so in love with Doo Rim, he was able to forgive her quickly, for her deception, although the scenes where he lashed out at everyone around him mad my heart ache for him. I really do hope that with only 3 episodes left, the writers don’t rush everything until all we get at the end is 5 minutes of a happy ending after 1 hour of plot and schemes and all that other stuff, I do not want to see a whole episode of Yi Kyung and her mother still scheming and being batches, and then they’ll make a 5 minute side trip to why Doo Rim’s grandmother has the other side of the bridal slipper and then we get the final 5 minutes of Kang Joo and Doo Rim just staring at each other and smiling. Also can we stop having Yi Kyung put her paws on Kang Joo??? Continue reading

Behind the Scenes with Bride of the Century

Behind the scenes pictures of a drama are always awesome things to see, its the cast out of their characters and having some fun, and TV Chosun’s Bride of the Century is no exception. With only 5 more episodes to go, I’m starting to feel a bit sad that I’ll no longer get to see Kang Joo and Doo Rim and their couple cuteness, cause I mean hello, did anyone else see that super sweet proposal scene? Not to mention the amount of times they’ve locked lips, cake kiss anyone? These pictures are mixed from a variety of different sources, and some of them you might have seen them before, some you may not have. Some of them are just pictures from the set, some of them BTS and some are just random shots relating to the production of the drama, either way, I hope you enjoy them. Continue reading

Bride of the Century: Episode 11 Preview

So the written preview for Friday’s 11th episode of Tv Chosun’s hit drama, Bride of the Century is out, and I have to say, that with the final confirmation that the drama will have 16 episodes, this means we only have 5 episodes to go and the thought makes me very sad. I mean yes, Kang Joo is finally catching on to the doppleganger act, and secrets and plots are being revealed, but this means that we only have 5 more episodes left of Kang Joo and Doo Rim sweetness.

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