Pinocchio: First Impressions

Another crop of dramas have come and gone in what’s largely been a far more promising second half of the year, as far as high quality shows are concerned. Unfortunately I don’t have time to talk about them all (perhaps later, after I’ve dealt with this irritating business of life outside of dramas and completed the recaps of the final episodes of the rolicking-good-fun The Three Musketeers), but the two standouts for me have been tvN’s Liar Game and OCN’s Bad Guys.

What I thought I would weigh in on with my brief first impressions is SBS’s Pinocchio, the recently-premiered drama from the PD-writer team behind I Hear Your Voice. The drama hit two-digit ratings with Episode 4 nationwide (10.4%) last week, but worth noting are the insanely highly online viewership ratings (34.1% – its competitors Mr. Back and The King’s Face are coming in with 14.1% and 7.3% respectively on that front).

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‘Pinocchio’ gets its male lead in Lee Jong Suk

SBS upcoming drama “Pinocchio” finally secures its male lead, Lee Jong Suk will be working once again with the team behind “I Hear Your Voice” which was highly popular when it was airing, and earned both Lee Jong Suk and his co-star Lee Bo Young numerous awards, hopefully “Pinocchio” will do just as well. Jong Suk will star as reporter Choi Dal Po alongside Park Shin Hye who confirmed her participation at the beginning of the month.  Continue reading