Madame Antoine: First Impressions

Lee-Joo-Hyung-Sung-Joon-Han-Ye-Seul-Jung-Jin-Woon Ok I’m intrigued, like I was actually interested in this drama before because who doesn’t love a romance comedy with Han Ye Seul (Birth of a Beauty) playing a fake fortune teller, but now that I’ve watched the first two episodes I genuinely hope that the drama doesn’t go down the drain mainly because I can’t wait until Sung Joon’s (High Society) character Choi Soo Hyun is knocked down a peg or two or like five by Han Ye Seul’s character Go Hye Rim who is awesomely feisty. There isn’t really much to say when there have only been two episodes (well three by the time this post gets up) aired so it’s basically more like rough thoughts and impressions. In terms of ratings Madame Antoine kicked off its run with 0.88% which as JTBC is a cable channel is actually pretty good. Continue reading


High Society – Episode 2 Recap

We get a glimpse in to what Joon Ki could be like if he gave up his ambition to climb the social ladder this episode. Our second leads finally meet and boy am I excited to see their relationship develop because even though Chang Soo is also a chaebol his romance with Ji Yi seems so much lighter than Yoon Ha’s and Joon Ki which for some reason to me seems like it will be kind of heavy. Continue reading

High Society – Episode 1 Recap

Welcome to a world where being a chaebol daughter isn’t all it’s cut out to be, where being happy comes from being rich, where two people of differing classes fall in love….. Welcome to High Society. So I know that I’m a bit behind on actually posting recaps for this drama, and I’m not sure if I’ll catch up, but I do hope that you’ll stick with me because I plan on sticking with this drama.  Continue reading

EXO, Tang Wei, Sung Joon & More Attend the Kolon Sport 2014 F/W Fashion Show

Boy, time passes quickly – it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since the rush of summer fashion spreads, does it? Outdoor fashion brand Kolon Sport held their 2014 F/W Fashion Show at Daelim Warehouse in Seongsu-dong, Seoul yesterday on June 25th to promote their fall/winter line. A number of high profile stars were in attendance, including EXO, Tang Wei, Sung Joon, Jung Kyung Ho and more.

The title and theme of the fashion show is “NOW,” revolving around the reinterpretation of traditional styles to create new, modern styles. I’m not sure how much you can reinterpret styles of windbreakers and the like, frankly, but one can’t deny that a fashion show is an excellent excuse to trot out a parade of eyecandy.

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