OCN’s “Neighbourhood Hero” Gears Up for Air

I’ve personally never watched a drama from cable channel OCN (home to God’s Quiz, Vampire Prosecutor and Bad Guys) so this will be an interesting experience for me, but the teaser seems really interesting so I hope that it won’t let me down. Neighbourhood Hero is set to air it’s first episode on the 23rd of January and recently held it’s official press conference at Yeongdeungpo Times Square where the entire cast were in attendance. The cast in question consists of Park Shi Hoo (Cheongdamdong Alice) who’s making his return to screen after three years, Lee Soo Hyuk (Scholar Who Walks the Night), Cho Seung Ha (Hwajung), SNSD’s Kwon Yuri, Yoon Tae Young (Records of a Night Watchman), Jung Man Shik (Glorious Day) and Choi Yoon So (Twenty Again). 

Neighbourhood Hero is about a former black-ops agent who lives in a small neighbourhood and runs a local bar, he ultimately ends up fighting the local bad guys and of course become the “neighbourhood hero”. Park Shi Hoo has been cast to play Baek Shi Yoon, the highly skilled ex-black ops agent, who now runs the local bar. Shi Yoon keeps his past hidden from his fellow community members however while serving up drinks to everyone who comes by, he comes to know the ins and outs of his neighbours’ lives and becomes part of their family. Shi Yoon also takes Choi Cha Kyu (Lee Soo Hyuk) a young man who dreams of becoming a police officer under his wing and gives him skills to become an agent like he was, together the duo will  face the evil in the town and become neighbourhood heroes.

'동네의 영웅' 주역들의 힘찬 파이팅! Everyone actually looked really amazing at the press conference if you forget about Park Shi Hoo and his all white pinstripe suit (I mean it looks ok but I’m just not a fan of white namely because theres so much pressure not to get it dirty), oh and Choi Yoon So’s dress which like looked nice except for that one section above her chest which gave her major cleavage and turned a pretty classy dress in to a cheaper looking one. Yuri meanwhile looked amazing in a little black dress and Christian Louboutin heels, and I don’t think I even have to talk about how amazingly gorgeous model/actor Lee Soo Hyuk looked because that man can rock a suit so well.
이수혁, 'CG뚫고 타임스퀘어로~'
박시후, 3년만에 '동네의 영웅'으로 국내 컴백!
조성하, '꽃중년의 근사한 미소'
소녀시대 유리, '이젠 여배우 권유리로 불러주세요~'
정만식, '중앙 정보국 요원으로 출연해요~'
윤태영, '상남자의 눈빛'
권유리-박시후, '동네의 영웅'으로 돌아왔어요~
최윤소, '특급 볼륨감 드러내는 아찔한 망사의상'

Neighbourhood Hero airs Saturdays and Sundays on OCN at 11pm KST

Source News1

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