High School: Love On BTS and first OST

Gahhh why KBS..why??? Unfortunately this weeks episode of High School:Love On has been delayed, however for those of you watching this sweet little drama, we have received our first OST and BTS cut. Most of the scenes from the OST are from the first two eps and whatever else that is unrecognisable I think is from episode 3, and from those little snippets I really need to watch it. I’m not saying that I’m not on board team Woo Hyun/ Seul Bi but team Sung Yeol/Seul Bi looks pretty cute as well. Also those BTS cuts show just how cute and playful the cast is off-screen, and I wonder what that bubblegum scene is, how close is Seul Bi going to get to this mysterious lolly that is in Woo Hyun’s mouth? Also, the Woo Hyun/Sung Yeol bromance that is going to start blossoming I’m all for it, I just hope there won’t be any fighting over the one girl going on. Continue reading

Lee Hong Ki’s Bride of the Century OST

Good news everyone! We finally get to hear the full version of Lee Hong Ki’s OST song for Bride of the Century, in tonights’ episode!! Hurrah! FT Islands Lee Hong Ki sings the male version of the song “Words I Still Cannot Say“, the female version sung by fellow FNC member ChoA of AOA was released last week, and I have to say I fell in love with it, and I totally fell in love with the short snippet that we got to hear last Friday, and I can’t wait to see what scene this song will be played in, in tonights episode. Continue reading

Lee Hong Ki sings for Bride of the Century OST

I’ve been waiting to hear news about this ever since I got in to this drama, and I would probably fly over to FNC and chuck rotten tomatoes if they did not make this happen. News was finally released that FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki who plays male lead Choi Kang Joo in TV Chosun’s Bride of the Century will be singing a song for the OST, the news was released via Hong Ki’s official Facebook page and featured the above image. Continue reading