News Snippets: November

  • EXO’s D.O recently participated in an OST for his debut movie “Cart“, the song, titled “Scream” is about never losing hope even during the hardest of times.Cart centres around the story of supermarket employees who get wrongfully dismissed and will be released on the 13th of November, “Scream” will be played during the ending credits. Source MyDaily

  • Han Ji Min has signed on to star in Hyun Bin’s comeback drama, “Jekyll and Me” which is set to air after Pinocchio on SBS, the two have previously worked together on the film “The Fatal Encounter“. Jekyll and Me is a drama about a theme park director who has two personalities one cold like Jekyll and one sweet like Hyde, Han Ji Min’s character is a performer in the circus and falls in love with Hyun Bin’s character. Source Newsen

  • TvN’s venture in to a Korean adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’s classic novel “The Three Musketeers” has ended on a high note with ratings hitting a high of 1.29% which for a cable station is something to be celebrated. Currently there is no script yet for the second season, but it will likely be broadcast in the first two weeks of March next year. Source Dailian

  • Bad Guys” actor Park Hae Jin  has been courted for an upcoming vampire centric drama set in Joseon, the drama “Scholar Who Walks the Night” is based on a popular manhwa of the same name. The production team has yet to lock in a broadcaster but is currently in talks with KBS to have the drama air during the second half of next year. Scholar Who Walks the Night is about a girl from an upperclass family who’s family gets framed for treason and she ends up cross dressing as a guy and she meets the male lead who is *dun dun dunnnnn* a scholar who also happens to be a vampire (random side note, can anyone else see JYJ’s Jaejoong as the male lead? Cause he like totally fits the bill of vampire). Source Ahatv/SSTV 

  • Since vampires seem to be the new trend for next years dramas, upcoming KBS vampire medical drama “Blood” has started filling in its roles. Yoo Yeon Seok (Answer Me 1994) has been cast as the male vampire lead whilst Ji Jin Hee (Dong Yi) and Kwon Hyun Sang (Queen of Ambition) have both been cast as the vampiric villians of the drama. Source MyDaily 

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