Nominees for the 2015 Korea Drama Awards

The nominees for the 2015 Korea Drama Awards were announced earlier today (September 9th) and competition is fierce for who will win the Daesang and Top Excellence awards. MBC’s popular drama “Kill Me, Heal Me” is the most nominated drama, lead actor Ji Sung is nominated for the Daesang, whilst lead actress Hwang Jung Eum is nominated for Top Excellence Actress, the drama itself is also nominated for Best Drama. The 2015 Korea Drama Awards will be held on the 6th of October 2015 at Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province.  Continue reading

‘My Lovely Girl’ Fashion

So this is basically just a compilation post of what some of the characters, namely Krystal, wore during the course of the drama. Krystal’s wardrobe throughout the drama was kept pretty casual and the most dressy she got was in episode 7 when she wore the LBD and heels, for the majority of the drama however Se Na was in coats and knitted cardigans, with some skirts and jeans paired with either sneakers or wedged loafers. Hae Yoon on the other hand to go with her assistant president role was dressed in heels, skirts and often long sleeved tops.  Continue reading

Behind the Screens of ‘My Lovely Girl’

SBS music drama “My Lovely Girl” has aired it’s final episode and some of the cast have uploaded pictures of final days and the after party. Kim Ki Bang, Cha Ye Ryun and Kim Jin Woo all shared words of farewell via their social networks, with the latter saying that “as much as I got cursed at for being a bad guy while living as Seo Jae Young, I was able to enjoy filming, knowing that I left a strong impression on viewers” and Cha Ye Ryun sharing “although I’m going to miss it, I also feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders”. Click through for some behind the screens shots of the cast at the after party and during filming.  Continue reading

High School: Love On – Episode 2 & 3 Extras

The kind staff over at KBS have not only gifted us with a BTS but have now gifted High School: Love On viewers with deleted scenes from episodes 2 and 3. I’m really enjoying the overall show and Kim Sae Ron has loads of chemistry with both of the boys, I also like that although there are bullies in the show, we don’t spend an extreme amount of time with them,and that both of the boys are ready to defend Seul Bi if the occasion calls for it (not that the feisty angel can’t hold her own). I hope that if anymore of these scenes are cut from the final footage that KBS continue to release them for us, because they are some really cute scenes, and the friendship between the trio is slowly growing stronger. Continue reading

High School: Love On BTS and first OST

Gahhh why KBS..why??? Unfortunately this weeks episode of High School:Love On has been delayed, however for those of you watching this sweet little drama, we have received our first OST and BTS cut. Most of the scenes from the OST are from the first two eps and whatever else that is unrecognisable I think is from episode 3, and from those little snippets I really need to watch it. I’m not saying that I’m not on board team Woo Hyun/ Seul Bi but team Sung Yeol/Seul Bi looks pretty cute as well. Also those BTS cuts show just how cute and playful the cast is off-screen, and I wonder what that bubblegum scene is, how close is Seul Bi going to get to this mysterious lolly that is in Woo Hyun’s mouth? Also, the Woo Hyun/Sung Yeol bromance that is going to start blossoming I’m all for it, I just hope there won’t be any fighting over the one girl going on. Continue reading

Empress Ki Releases Special Epilogue

MBC partners up with outdoor clothing brand North Cape to release a special Empress Ki epilogue CF. The CF stars both Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook as the reincarnations of their Empress Ki characters, 650 years in the future and was released on the 28th of April. Whilst Ha Ji Won has been an endorser for North Cape for a while, this is her first CF with Ji Chang Wook, the two model the brands 2014 S/S clothing range. Continue reading

Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung Say Farewell

Filming has wrapped up for TV Chosun’s surprised hit Bride of the Century which airs it’s final two episodes tonight and tomorrow. Leads Lee Hong Ki of FT Island and Yang Jin Sung have come out to thank the cast, crew and fans, Hong Ki apologised for the delay in filming during the early stages of the drama but remained humble, “I’m sorry to everyone for the delay in shooting this drama early on, I did not expect this much popularity for the drama and cannot express my thanks to everyone“. His co-star Yang Jin Sung got a bit emotional, “I had a good time playing two different roles, and gave it my all, and enjoyed it very much, I’m sad that this drama has come to an end, and I created many good memories with everyone involved“. As I said before in one of my previous posts that even though Hong Ki and Jin Sung will no longer be on our screens, the rights to air the drama have been sold to numerous countries and a joint Chinese/Korean version will be in production soon. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes with Bride of the Century

Behind the scenes pictures of a drama are always awesome things to see, its the cast out of their characters and having some fun, and TV Chosun’s Bride of the Century is no exception. With only 5 more episodes to go, I’m starting to feel a bit sad that I’ll no longer get to see Kang Joo and Doo Rim and their couple cuteness, cause I mean hello, did anyone else see that super sweet proposal scene? Not to mention the amount of times they’ve locked lips, cake kiss anyone? These pictures are mixed from a variety of different sources, and some of them you might have seen them before, some you may not have. Some of them are just pictures from the set, some of them BTS and some are just random shots relating to the production of the drama, either way, I hope you enjoy them. Continue reading