EXO in Kolon Sport in Vogue Girl

The 11 EXO boys took part in a shoot for the November issue of Vogue Girl Korea, dressed up in winter attire from outdoor brand Kolon Sport which they have been endorsers for since February last year. 

Like most of their shoots for Kolon Sport the boys keep it casual and fun, and from what I can gather the theme of the shoot is “what to do when you’re bored” or something along those lines, because we have the two maknaes Sehun and Kai posing with penny boards (and omg do they look extremely hot), Chen and Lay playing a game of foosball, some of the boys playing a game of cards and Baekhyun and D.O taking selcas.

The boys completed their first solo concert last month and are due to make an appearance at the MBC Music Wave in Beijing on the 25th of this month. There has been no word yet on when their second studio album will be released but I hope for everyone’s sake that it’s an OT10 album and not K/M split albums because they need to have an EXO OT10 album especially in light of all that has happened them in the past 6 months.

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