‘The Technicians’ teaser and promo

Upcoming heist film “The Technicians” starring Kim Woo Bin (The Heirs) and Lee Hyun Woo (Secretly, Greatly) has released its promo posters of the three main characters as well as a teaser. The film also goes by the English title “The Con Artists” as well as “Criminal Designers” and will hit the screens sometime this December. 

The film centres around Ji Hyeok (Kim Woo Bin) who’s an expert safecracker who leads a crew of thieves including Jong Bae (Lee Hyun Woo) who’s a hacker and their job planner Koo In, “The Nightwatchman’s Journal’s” Ko Chang Seok. The teaser reveals to us a slick and fast paced movie filled with high tech gadgets and high speed chases sprinkled with Kim Woo Bin’s good looks and charisma and Lee Hyun Woo’s youthful charm, it also shows us the group being informed of a 150 billion won job and the fast paced action that occurs afterwards. I’m actually really looking forward to this film, generally because 1. the eye-candy and 2. it seems like a more younger version of the Italian Job except minus Mini Coopers and Mark Wahlberg, and I really enjoyed that film when it came out, so hopefully this one is as good as that.

Source TheStar


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