‘Masked Singer’ PD Selects “Vocal Skills Top 7” Among Idols

Popular MBC singing competition show Masked Singer (or King of Mask Singer) has been garnering considerable attention of late from the Korean public for revealing the hidden singing abilities of many idol vocalists who have appeared on the show. The competitors are given elaborate masks to conceal their identity, thereby eliminating factors like popularity and public perception which may influence audience votes. In an interview yesterday, PD Min Chul Ki was asked to name the Top 7 male and female idols with the best vocal skills, which he listed as follows (in no particular order):

Top 7 male idol vocalists: B1A4 Sandeul, BTOB Yook Sungjae, VIXX Ken, Super Junior Kyuhyun, EXO Chen, BEAST Yang Yoseob, F.T Island Lee Hongki.

Top 7 female idol vocalists: f(x) Luna, EXID Solji, IU, SISTAR Hyorin, Ailee, A Pink Jung Eunji, SNSD Taeyeon.

Of the vocalists named, 4 out of 7 of both the male (Sandeul, Yook Sungjae, Ken and Lee Hongki) and female idols (Luna, Solji, Ailee and Eunji) have already appeared on Masked Singer. Luna, in particular, won widespread acclaim for her vocal skills and scored consecutive wins before she was finally unmasked.

Following this trend of uncovering idols with impressive vocal skills on Masked Singer, Naver News also recently conducted a poll to find the “Male idol with the best hidden singing ability.” Chen emerged victorious with 51.4% of the total votes (24,290 out of 47,262 votes cast).

From Chicnews

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